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Guest Character Profiles > Alison Gore Madeleine Andreopoulos

Alison Gore 2015, 2016
Parents: Jackie
Occupation: Student at Erinsborough High

With an interschool music concert approaching, Erinsborough High teacher Brad Willis was auditioning students, and after Alison Gore gave a terrible, off-key rendition of Amazing Grace, she was irritated when new student Ben Kirk came in and blew everyone away with his guitar playing. Ben's efforts impressed many of the female students, however, and Alison took great delight in approaching Ben the next morning and saying that some of her friends had been stalking him online and had found some naked photos of him - the very reason that a humiliated Ben had left his old school in Ballarat and something he'd hoped nobody in Erinsborough would find out about.

A few months later, things were slowly starting to get back to normal at Erinsborough High, after an attempt by Eden Hills Grammar to buy the school, then a fire which destroyed much of the building. After a few weeks of accusations flying around, Ben and Piper confessed to causing the fire. Whilst Ben returned home to face the consequences with his mum in Ballarat, Piper was allowed to return to school, but found herself ostracised when she eventually did go back. When she returned after lunch one afternoon, she soon found herself being taunted by many of the students, including Ashtyn and Alison, who handed her a lighter and told her to go and burn something. Piper then snapped and threatened to burn Alison's hair and Ashtyn's school uniform, before school principal Susan Kennedy came outside and asked what all the commotion was about.

As the 2016 school year began, Piper and Alison were still on bad terms, and Alison found someone else to pick on in the form of new student Xanthe Canning. Piper and Xanthe had already struck up a friendship and had attended to make some money by throwing a party at a display home, claiming that celebrities would be present and charging for entry. The police soon arrived and broke up the party, and Alison was amongst those who wanted a refund, sparking an argument on the first day of school. With Xanthe struggling to read in front of the class during English, Alison was soon picking on her, and reminding Piper of her reputation as a fire starter, and as their argument got louder and nastier, Susan turned up and put the three of them into detention.

Later in the year, Alison was amongst the students who taunted Xanthe on Instagram, after she posted some pictures on herself in the hopes of becoming a model. As Xanthe struggled to deal with the cruel things people were saying about her, her grandmother Sheila got involved, when she overheard Alison making jibes at Xanthe, who was waitressing at Harold's Cafe. As Sheila confronted Alison, the teenager refused to back down, continuing to insult Xanthe, and Sheila snapped, slapping Alison across the face. She soon found herself facing a court appearance for assault, and it was agreed that she'd meet up with Alison's mother, Jackie, to try and reach an agreement. The mediation proved to be a disaster, however, as Sheila tried to stick up for Xanthe, and Jackie showed herself to be as bad as her daughter as she claimed that Xanthe didn't have what it took to be a model, and deserved everything she got for posting those pictures online. As things descended into an argument, it seemed that Sheila wasn't going to be able to avoid charges for what she'd done.

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Biography by Steve