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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Cameron Hodder Stephen Phillips

Cameron Hodder 2003
Occupation: Doctor

When Dr Karl Kennedy’s nephew, and partner in the medical practice, Darcy Tyler, was sent to prison, Karl interviewed several doctors, including Cameron Hodder, to replace him. On his way to the surgery for his interview, Cameron bumped into Karl’s daughter, teacher Libby and was quite rude to her. Later, at the interview, Cameron spoke about his work for Red Cross, treating children with Aids in Africa and Karl was impressed enough to hire him on the spot. They arranged to meet at the pub for a drink that evening but when Karl was called away to an emergency at the hospital, he asked Libby to go in his place and meet Cameron. The pair were shocked to see each other, after their altercation earlier that day but it wasn’t long before they grew to like each other and became jogging partners. Meanwhile, one of Libby’s media students, Taj Coppin, had fallen in love with Libby and was appalled to see her spending so much time with another man.

Cameron and Libby were soon on the verge of becoming a couple but, during a dinner party at the Kennedy house, Cameron was happily chatting to Libby’s mum, Susan, about his time in Africa when he met baby Ben, and mistakenly though he was Susan’s son, and Libby’s brother. When Libby explained that Ben was her child, Cameron’s attitude towards her started to change, but they went on another date to the movies. And when Cameron mistakenly believed that Ben’s father, Drew, had walked out on Libby, when in actual fact he was dead, he took her back to his flat for a coffee to apologise, little realising that they had been followed home by an increasingly obsessed Taj. After driving her home, Cameron shared a kiss with Libby, and she quickly rushed inside. Karl, meanwhile, was uncomfortable with their relationship and had a word to Cameron, warning him that Libby was still very fragile, leaving Libby furious with her father for interfering. That evening, Libby went to dinner at Cameron’s place, deliberately staying out very late, infuriating Karl further.

But Libby was about to see an unpleasant side to Cameron when he suggested that they go away to the mountains together – but leave Ben behind. He explained to her that he had a son of his own that he chose not to see as he had no desire to be a father. Libby told him that she and Ben came as a team and, if that was his attitude, then they should end the relationship straight away. When Karl got to hear about what had happened, he fired Cameron, who promptly tried to sue him former boss for unfair dismissal. However, at the mediation meeting, Cameron lost his temper and blurted out everything about Libby, leaving the judge to rule in Karl’s favour. Cameron ended up receiving only his wages, with no compensation. Libby, meanwhile, made one of the biggest mistakes of her life a few weeks later, when, grieving over the death of her friend, Dee Bliss, she ended up spending the night with Taj.

Biography by Steve



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