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Trevor Hunt 2005, 2006, 2007
Occupation: Repo Man, Delivery Man

As a repo man, Trevor Hunt visited Ramsay Street when Janelle Timmins found herself heavily in debt with Cashed Up! Credit. The Timmins family were used to visits from the repo man, and so Janelle’s son, Stingray, knew the drill when Trevor turned up, and he stalled him, giving Janelle a chance to make a getaway over the garden fence. Soon after, however, Trevor returned and this time, he repossessed the family’s widescreen tv, with little sympathy for the pleas from the kids. A few weeks later, as Janelle’s debts mounted, he returned and took away their people mover, before presenting Janelle with a bill for the $10,000 she still owed in interest. Fortunately, the entire incident made Janelle realise that she had to start taking some responsibility, and before long, the family had set up their own courier service, Speed Freaks.

The following year, the Timmins family had a sudden reversal of fortune, when Janelle's rich mother-in-law gave them not only 26 Ramsay Street but her 40% shares in Lassiter's Hotel. It wasn't long before Janelle was flashing her new-found cash around town and she was delighted to see that one of the men delivering the family's seven new flatscreen televisions was Trevor, and so quickly proceeded to rub his nose in it.

In 2007, Trevor was responsible for delivering Valda Sheergold the stock for her lingerie website. Unfortunately, by the time the dozens of boxes of bras and knickers arrived, Valda was having serious doubts about the venture, after realising that the website company she'd paid was about to go bust.

Trivia Notes
• In mid-2006, Robert Urban appeared as an unnamed process server, who delivered Janelle the news that she was being sued for $200,000 for the copyright infringements of her husband's DVD pirating business. He appeared again in mid-2008 as another un-named courier, who delivered a package from Paris to Rebecca Napier

Biography by Steve