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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Sally Jeffries Isabella Stephenson

Sally Jeffries 2004
Parents: Andrea
Siblings: Lisa

The younger sister of Summer Hoyland’s best friend, Lisa, it was during Sally Jeffries’ birthday party that it first became clear to other people that Gus Cleary wasn’t entirely sane. Summer and Lisa arranged for Gus, an old friend of Summer’s father, Max, to play the clown at the party, little realising that Gus was in town to get revenge on Max for sacking him from an old job and ruining his life. Gus’ plan was to slowly take over Max’s place in the Hoyland family and he thought that helping out Summer would bring him closer to her. Unfortunately, his clowning abilities fell seriously short when he started bullying one of the children to get laughs and Sally’s mother, Andrea, told him that he was a terrible man who shouldn’t be allowed around children.

Biography by Steve



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