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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Krystal Estelle Andrewartha

Krystal 2004, 2005
Occupation: Personal Trainer, Manager of Fitness For Life Gym

Personal trainer Krystal took on David Bishop as a client, when he was jealous of his wife, Liljana, flirting with her self-defence instructor, Allan Steiger. Unfortunately, David chose to keep it a secret and had to end his professional relationship with Krystal when Liljana spotted them together and jumped to the conclusion that he was having an affair.

The following year, Boyd Hoyland got himself a job at the gym, Fitness For Life, which Krystal managed. She managed to convince him that it would be a good idea if he entered a local junior bodybuilding championship, representing the gym. However, when Boyd met his opposition, Mo Gorman, he began to wonder if he had what it took. Krystal then offered him some human growth hormones, or HGH, to improve his performance and he began to take them, noticing a marked improvement in his abilities, but also some dramatic side effects including mood swings. When Boyd finally decided to give it a shot without the HGH, Krystal became frustrated and warned him that he would get nowhere with that attitude. Boyd realised that she had been using him all along and, if he stood no chance of winning, she didnít want to know about it. So he poured the bottle of HGH onto the counter and told Krystal that he quit.

Notes: During her 2004 appearances, Krystalís name was spelt with a ĎCí at the beginning. She was never given a surname.

Biography by Steve



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