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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > BB Larkin Tamasin Ramsay

BB Larkin 1987
Siblings: Kenny
Occupation: Catalogue Model

When Henry Ramsay challenged Kenny Larkin to a game of darts at The Waterhole pub, with a $50 bet on the winner, Henry failed to realise that he was about to be hustled. During the lunch hour, Kenny brought his sister, BB, to the bar, pretending that she was an awful darts player and he was trying to teach her. That evening, Kenny claimed to have hurt his wrist and wanted BB to play in his place, encouraging Henry to double the bet to $100. After beating him and winning the money, BB caught up with Henry the following day to apologise for the scam, and offered to take him to lunch as a peace offering. The pair quickly hit it off as friends, and, when Henry fell out with his family and decided to move out of home, he quickly found a new place to stay, in the form of the sofa and BB and Kenny’s flat.

A few days later, as BB was busy challenging more men at darts in the pub, Kenny spotted a $50 note that Henry had won in a game and, while nobody was looking, he picked it up and memorized the final three digits of the serial number. After Henry used the note to pay for a round of drinks, Kenny then went to buy a drink and, after receiving his change from the barmaid – Henry’s mother, Madge – he claimed that she’d short-changed him, as he’d given her a $50 note. When hotel manager Paul Robinson arrived, and Kenny told him the final three digits of the serial number, Madge was forced to hand over an extra $45 change. The next day, Paul realised that the takings were $45 short, and began to suspect that former jailbird Henry had been in on the scam too. Desperate to prove his innocence, Henry went back to the flat, and, although Kenny denied any scam, BB admitted that her brother had done this before and Kenny eventually owned up. BB then accompanied Henry back to the Lassiter’s office and told Paul everything, saving Henry’s job but angering Kenny.

Kenny took his revenge on Henry the following week. During Henry’s time living with the Larkin siblings, Kenny had stolen Henry’s appointment book for his gardening rounds and he proceeded to send letters to all of Henry’s clients, telling them that Henry was a criminal who was casing their houses to rob them. Henry quickly realised who was behind the anonymous notes and, with BB’s help, found the book in Kenny’s bedside table. As Henry confronted Kenny outside The Waterhole the next day, a fight broke out and, although Henry just managed to keep his job when Paul intervened, Kenny was banned from Lassiter’s premises for good.

Biography by Steve



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