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Isabella Lopez 1990
Occupation: Chambermaid

Whilst on a business trip to Argentina, Paul Robinson fell in love with Isabella Lopez, who was working at the hotel he was staying at. He returned to Australia and announced that he was going to marry Isabella, much to the horror of Paulís housemate, Christina Alessi, who was in love with him. Most of Paulís family and friends were pleased to finally see him so happy after his marriage to Gail had fallen apart, but Christina wasnít so sure.

Isabella made sure to attend to Paulís every need, but never missed an opportunity to point out how difficult life was for her family back home. Paul agreed to send some money, since Isabellaís brother was the only member of the family who was working. The first crack began to appear in her story when Paulís secretary and friend, Melanie Pearson, caught Isabella using a public phone, and she claimed that there were problems with the one at home, something which turned out to be a lie. With the wedding plans getting closer and closer, Chrissie shared her concerns with Paulís grandmother, Helen, and decided that she had to do something. When Isabella made a call to the immigration department one day, Chrissie called them back that afternoon, claiming that Isabellaís English was poor and she hadnít understood. Christina learnt that Isabella was planning to bring her whole family out to Australia, but her application had been rejected.

When they mentioned this information to Isabella, she went crazy, telling Paul that his whole family was trying to destroy his life and his chance of happiness. Paul warned them all to back off, but when Christina's siter, Caroline found out what had happened, she decided to contact the hotel in Buenos Aires and see what she could find out. This proved to be Isabellaís undoing, as Caroline found out that not only did the hotel employ all of her family, this also included Isabellaís husband. Caroline, Christina and Helen confronted Paul, who didnít want to listen, but when they calmed him down and gave him all of the information, he could no longer argue. He went home and told Isabella that she could stop pretending and announced that he had booked a flight home for her. Shortly afterwards, she left, but not before launching a stream of abuse on Paul, telling him that she found him disgusting and had only ever been using him for her own gains.

Biography by Steve



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