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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Meredith Lord Terrie Waddell

Meredith Lord 1987
Marital Status: Jeremy Lord

Soon after returning to Erinsborough from Brisbane, Gail Lewis was surprised when her ex-husband, Jeremy Lord, arrived for a visit. Although Gail was on the verge of a relationship with her new boss, Paul Robinson, she was drawn back to Jeremy and the pair were reunited, just before Jeremy was killed while racing the cursed car, Number 13. Gail was devastated, but was in for a massive shock when a woman arrived on her doorstep, claiming to be Jeremyís wife, Meredith and hoping to surprise him with a visit. Gail quickly realised that Jeremy had been leading them both up the garden path, but Paul convinced her not to lash out at Meredith, who was clearly in the dark and was still in shock over the news of Jeremyís death.

Later, as Meredith started to talk about planning the funeral, Gail struggled to compose herself, and was again about to tell her the truth when Paul stopped her. It didnít take long for Meredith to realise that Gail was the same Gail that Jeremy had previously been married to, and things grew more awkward as Meredith admitted that she was pregnant, and had come down to break the news to Jeremy. Having heard this news, Gail calmed down considerably and, when Meredith asked her why Jeremy had been staying with her, and whether anything had happened between them, Gail lied that all Jeremy had talked about was Meredith and how he couldnít wait to get home and see her. Meredith then accepted an offer from Gail to stay the night at her place, before returning to Brisbane with Jeremyís body, for the funeral.

Biography by Steve



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