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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Gavin McKinley Bruce Kilpatrick

Gavin McKinley 1986
Children: Bradley Townsend

When informed by his rich father that he needed to produce a male heir in order to get his inheritance, Gavin McKinley suddenly became interested in the son he’d never wanted to know. He visited Andrea Townsend, mother to his son, Bradley, and offered her $15,000 for custody of their child. With no money and bills to pay, Andrea sadly accepted this. Gavin made sure that Bradley was well looked after, with a place at a boarding school and his own pony. Andrea became distraught when she lost the $15,000 in a bad investment and realised that she’d have to resort to underhand tactics to get her son back. Taking him out of school one day, Andrea dressed Bradley as a girl and they flew to Erinsborough.

Some weeks later, Gavin was contacted by a woman named Eileen Clarke. She explained that Andrea and Bradley were living with her son, Des, and Andrea was passing Bradley off as Des’ child. Gavin went straight to Ramsay Street, looking for the perfect moment to grab Bradley back. However, when the moment finally came, Lucy Robinson, Bradley’s best friend, kicked up such a fuss that most of the neighbours heard and came outside. Although Des then learnt the truth, it wasn’t enough for him to throw Andrea and Bradley out. Gavin’s only support came from Eileen, who wanted to get Andrea away from her son as quickly as possible. She met up with Gavin, who told her that she would have to speak to Bradley and convince him that if he didn’t go back to Perth, his mother would go to prison.

The plan appeared to have worked when Eileen showed up at Gavin’s hotel room with Bradley in tow. Between them, Eileen and Gavin convinced Bradley that, by returning to Perth with his father, he’d save Andrea from prison. However, Gavin had no intention of doing things amicably, and he took off with Bradley in his car as soon as possible. Luckily, Eileen, Shane Ramsay and Clive Gibbons managed to catch him and stop him just as he was heading out of town. Bradley was told to choose whether he wanted to be with Des or Gavin. He chose Des, and everyone made it clear to Gavin that they would involve the police if he tried to come near Bradley again.

Notes: Actor Bruce Kilpatrick is the real-life father of Bradley Kilpatrick (Bradley Townsend) as well as Amber Kilpatrick, who played Lochy McLachlan. He returned to the series in 1991, becoming the second actor to play Bob Landers.

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