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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Kelly Morgan Jodie Yemm

Kelly Morgan 1986
Lived: 28 Ramsay Street
Born: c. 1969
Occupation: Gardener, Retirement Home Carer

When Eileen Clarke had her bag snatched by a mysterious figure on a bike, she was extremely unsettled, even losing her voice due to the shock. When the figure struck again, trying to use Eileen’s bank card, Eileen’s son, Des, soon realised what was going on. The girl tried to make a run for it, but Shane Ramsay gave chase and caught her. But Eileen was astounded when she found out that the girl, Kelly, would be staying with Des and Daphne. In typical Daphne style, she wasn’t about to let go of the chance of helping a young person, as she had done with Mike Young. Although Des was insistent that the police be involved, Daphne stumped up the bail and offered Kelly a room at number 28.

Eileen wasn’t the only victim of Kelly Morgan. Paul Robinson was outraged when his new sports car, a symbol of his new position as head of the Robinson Corporation, was stolen by her. Daphne began to wonder if she’d got Kelly all wrong, and decided to call the police. However, just in time, Kelly found her conscience and brought the car back to Ramsay Street. Daphne tried to be understanding, particularly with both Paul and Eileen demanding that something be done about the girl. Kelly decided to get her own back on interfering Eileen by putting extra chilli sauce in her lunch, the shock of which brought back Eileen’s voice, leaving Kelly wishing she hadn’t bothered.

It became difficult for the people of Ramsay Street to trust Kelly, but Daphne convinced Shane to let Kelly help him out with some of his gardening jobs. However, when they were out in the bush, Shane was bitten by a snake, and Kelly had to act quickly, using his motorbike to ride off and find the nearest phone. As she was about to use the phone, Paul, in the area looking at proposed building land for the hotel, spotted her with the bike. He accused her of stealing Shane’s bike, while she protested her innocence and tried to tell Paul what had happened. Luckily, at the last minute, he gave her the benefit of the doubt, and Shane was given help just in time. This incident caused Kelly to develop a crush on Shane, and even change her image by wearing make-up and a dress. Unfortunately, Shane only saw her as a friend and she was crushed.

Soon after, Kelly’s court case for the bag snatching came up. Although many people in the street were hoping that she would get a prison sentence, she actually ended up with community service, and against her wishes, was sent to an old people’s home. After only a few weeks working there, Kelly was shocked to come home one day and find the matron from the home, Matron Mercer, at number 28. At first, she was convinced that the woman was there to complain about her, but Daphne explained that the matron was extremely impressed with Kelly’s work and wanted her to become full-time. Kelly was even offered accommodation at the home, and she jumped at the chance. Kelly thanked Des, Daphne and Shane for standing by her during her short stay in Ramsay Street. She also managed to get in one final pop at the gossips when she mentioned to Mrs Mangel that she suspected that her husband, who had recently disappeared, was actually buried in the backyard!

Notes: Jodie Yemm's father, Norman, played Ray Murphy in 1986.

Biography by Steve



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