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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Connie O'Rourke Val Jellay

Constance 'Connie' O'Rourke (née Sheergold) 2000
Marital Status: Henry O'Rourke
Siblings: Beverly, Valda
Children: Marnie (biological), Lyn (adoptive) Died: 2003

Brought up with her two sisters, Valda and Bev, Connie married Henry O’Rourke at a young age. When Valda fell pregnant and the father, Charlie Cassidy, left town, Henry and Connie adopted the baby, Lyn, and brought her up as their own. Valda left soon after to live in England and the matter was rarely mentioned again.

After retiring, Henry and Connie started touring the country in a camper van and enjoyed their new lifestyle immensely. When Lyn and her family moved to Erinsborough, Connie and Henry soon showed up on the doorstep to inspect the new home. While there, they began to notice some tension in the household, especially when they mentioned treating their granddaughters. It became clear that the family were suffering from huge financial worries and so Henry and Connie decided to leave rather than get in their way any longer.

Having settled in Maroochydore, Connie suffered a stroke a few years later and Lyn rushed to be by her mother’s side. The rest of the family waited for news, and were saddened to hear that Connie had passed away a few days later. The family all gathered for her funeral and Connie was laid to rest.

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