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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Peter Parthimos Kane Alexander

Peter Parthimos 2004
Occupation: Police Officer

When Stuart Parker found himself shunned at work after reporting his partner, Olivia McPherson, he was forced to take a few weeks off. Upon his return, he was paired up with Peter Parthimos, who had faced similar problems because his previous partner had also been a whistle blower. Things got off to a terrible start with the new partners, as Stuart tried to be friends, but Peter threw it all back in his face. He told Stuart that although they were partners, they could never be friends. Not long after, Stuart watched as Peter had a run-in with a man named Clive Dawson. It seemed that Clive had been violent towards his girlfriend and was not allowed within 50 feet of her, so he would hang around her apparent block instead. Peter threatened to hurt Clive if he didnít move on, and the man later filed a complaint. Peter told Stuart that this would be the perfect opportunity for him to blow the whistle on another of his colleagues, but Stuart assured him that it wasnít something he did lightly. The whole incident managed to make Peter understand Stuart slightly better, though it looked like it would be a while before they would ever be mates.

Biography by Steve



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