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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Gareth Peters Philip McInnes

Gareth Peters 2005
Occupation: Nurse at Erinsborough & District Hospital

Dodgy nurse Gareth Peters first showed his true colours when he stole roses from the bedside of coma patient Darcy Tyler. Darcy quickly got his own back, however, when he awoke to hear Gareth calling him scum and undeserving of a hospital bed, so he took the opportunity to whack Gareth below the belt. Some weeks later, Izzy Hoyland was struggling to manage her dependency on prescription drugs, when Gareth spotted her at the hospital and quickly picked up on her problem when he caught her eyeing up the drug trolley. He met up with Izzy later that day and provided her with a free sample, at which point she took him home, much to the horror of her housemate, Paul Robinson. The next morning, knowing that he’d spent the night in the spare room, Paul wasted no time in telling Gareth that he was being used and threw him out. That day, Gareth was the subject of a police undercover operation, and local cop Stuart Parker spent the day following him around town, trying to spot him doing a deal. It wasn’t until that evening, as Gareth was handing over some pills to Izzy in the Scarlet Bar, that Stu pounced and both Gareth and Izzy were arrested and charged.

Biography by Steve



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