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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Penelope Porter Nicki Wendt

Penelope [Penny] Porter 1988
Occupation: Assistant Bank Manager, Bank Manager

Penelope Porter arrived in Erinsborough when she was transferred to Pacific Bank, by big boss Gordon Hemmings, as the new assistant manager. Eager to impress, she turned up at Des Clarke’s house one Friday night in order to discuss things for Monday morning, but it wasn’t long before she and Des were becoming more than just colleagues. For Des, it was all too much as it had only been a few months since the death of his wife, Daphne. Although their relationship was going well and Penny had struck up a close relationship with neighbours Paul and Gail Robinson, Des told her that he couldn’t be anything more than friends. A dejected Penny decided to put in for an immediate transfer and soon left to work at head office.

The following year, when Des developed an allergy to soap powder and needed to use a strong-smelling cream, Penny was drafted in as a replacement, since nobody wanted to work around him. Penny admitted to Des that she’d been seeing Gordon Hemmings for a while, but after sharing a bottle of champagne one night whilst discussing some loan cases, Des and Penny ended up kissing. Things became strained when Penny turned down Paul and Gail’s application for a 95% mortgage, which they needed to buy the Daniels Corporation, but it seemed like Penny would stop seeing Gordon and Des would behappy again. However, he had his hopes cruelly dashed when, just as he was about to propose, she announced that she was leaving for Europe with Gordon.

Biography by Steve



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