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Maria Ramsay (née Rossi) 1985
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Parents: Franco and Anna Rossi
Marital Status: Max Ramsay

Siblings: Anna
Children: Shane and Danny
Family Tree: Rossi
Occupation: Housewife

The daughter of an Italian tiler and a Czech mother, Maria Rossi met Max Ramsay when he worked with her father, Franco, on a building job in Queensland. They fell in love and married, moving to Ramsay Street in Erinsborough where Maria gave birth to a son, Shane.

Maria's marriage to Max was a rocky one. She was caring and sensitive while he was brash and arrogant. When he failed to return from the pub one night, she went down there the next morning and learnt that he'd gone upstairs to a room with another woman, Maria fled to a country inn where she met a man called Tim Duncan. They had a brief but passionate affair, parting after only a couple of days, and Maria returned to Max, willing to give their marriage another go for Shane's sake.

Then she found out she was pregnant with Tim Duncan's child. Maria decided it best never to tell Max that the child he was looking forward to was not his own and the only person who ever knew was her close friend, Helen Daniels. When Danny was born, Maria noticed that Max didn't have the same interest in him as he did with Shane and suspected that Max had an idea he was not the father.

When Danny turned 18, Maria decided to tell Max the truth. Max flew in a rage and moved into a bedsit. With the couple separated, things became very strained within the family, particularly when Shane found out the truth and also moved out. The following months were difficult for Maria, as she struggled to find an identity of her own, other than being a wife and mother. After helping out at the Community Justice Centre with Helen, she started to meet some new people, but after a couple of dinners with Robert Hutchins, things ended badly when Robert ended up punching a jealous Max.

When the Ramsay house was burgled, Maria began to fall in love with the insurance assessor, Richard Morrison, after only a few dates. It was not to be an easy relationship, particularly with jealous Max still hanging around, but the biggest problem proved to be Danny. He could not take to Richard, and quickly started to resent having him around, plotting to get rid of him in the hope that Maria would reunite with Max. Ultimately, Richard told Maria that she needed to start thinking about herself more, as Danny would soon be grown up and leaving home, and she would find herself alone. When Richard was given a job overseas, he asked Maria to join him, and she accepted, but started to have second thoughts when Danny refused to go with them, and Max was reluctant to take him on. However, at the last minute, Max changed his mind, and Maria finally realised that she'd found another chance to be truly happy, and left with Richard for Hong Kong. However, after only a few months, Maria returned to her mother's in Queensland and called Max, pleading for a reconciliation. Max agreed and moved up to Brisbane where they gave their marriage a second chance.

Trivia Notes
• Maria was the first regular character to leave the Neighbours cast. She was removed from the opening titles and closing credits in episode 126, five episodes before she actually left

Magic Moments
Episode 130: Maria's Departure


Biography by Moe