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Pete Redman 2000
Marital Status: Gabriel
Occupation: Postman, Football Coach

As soon as she met Pete Redman, Ramsay Street’s new postman, Flick Scully was in love and determined to do anything to get his attention. When Pete stopped to chat to her one day, she even began to believe that the older man was genuinely interested in her and left some love letters for him in the mail box outside number 26. Unfortunately for Flick, her friends Paul McClain and Tad Reeves decided to have a little fun and post back some fake replies, leaving Flick believing that Pete wanted to be with her. When Flick then ran into Pete at the Coffee Shop, she thanked him for the letters. Not realising that she was talking about any specific letters, he told her that it was his pleasure and the two sat down and started chatting about soccer, with Flick quick to mention that her brother chat played professionally in England. At that point, Pete mentioned that he trained a girls’ under-18 soccer team and Flick was quickly talking about joining up, impressing her family, who had no idea about her real motives.

Soon after, Tad sent another fake note, this time arranging to meet Flick for a lunch date at the Coffee Shop. An excited Flick wagged school and got changed, before waiting for Pete at the shop. Realising that he’d gone too far, Tad tried to get Flick to leave and she ended up spilling her milkshake all over her dress and rushing out, thinking she’d been stood up anyway. However, when she then met the new, temporary postman, Patrick Cotter, she found out that Pete was just ill. When Pete returned to his usual shift, Flick gave him a card and said she hoped he was feeling better, before mentioning the date. Pete explained that he hadn’t sent any letters to Flick and somebody was obviously playing a joke on her. Flick quickly realised who the culprits were and furiously confronted Paul and Tad, as did Pete, who then went to speak to Flick. He explained to her that he was flattered by the attention and asked her to join the soccer team.

Flick went along to a training session, dressed to the nines, and was embarrassed when Pete told her that she’d be better off without the make-up and jewellery. Flick quickly covered, saying that she was going out for the evening after soccer practice, but it was obvious that she was besotted. During the next training session, Flick managed to score a goal and was thrilled when Pete asked her to a team party the following week. Flick was so happy that, when she was having a meal with her family at the pub that evening, and Pete came in, she approached him and asked him for a meal. Unfortunately though, her question was cut short by the arrival of Gabriel, Pete’s wife and Flick’s crush ended there and then.

Biography by Steve



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