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Simone Riley 1992
Marital Status: Roy Riley

Whilst in the Waterhole pub one afternoon, Brenda Riley responded when the barman announced a call for a ‘Mrs Riley’. But she wasn’t the only one, and Brenda was stunned when a younger woman, Simone, also claimed to be Mrs Riley, and she realised that this was the woman who had married her ex-husband, Roy. Later on, Roy and Simone called in to visit Brenda at the Coffee Shop, which she was managing, explaining that they were down from Queensland for a holiday. Although Brenda was cold towards Roy, Simone quickly picked up on the spark that still existed between the ex-partners and, when Roy suggested that the three of them go out for dinner, neither woman was keen on the idea and Simone suggested that they leave. Later that evening, Brenda was shocked when Roy arrived on her doorstep, explaining that he needed to talk to her alone.

He explained to Brenda that the holiday in Erinsborough was a last-ditch attempt to salvage his marriage to Simone, and that he had hoped to run into Brenda in Melbourne. He told Brenda that he wanted them to get back together. She was stunned, but Roy went on to explain that Simone was lovely to begin with, but he had come to realise that they simply had nothing in common, and Brenda was the only woman he’d ever really loved. Brenda promptly threw him out, but was shocked the next day when Simone burst into the Coffee Shop and loudly accused Brenda of ruining her marriage, as Roy had ended things between them. However, she later returned, en route to the bus station, and apologised to Brenda, explaining that she’d known for a while that the marriage had been falling apart almost since it began. Simone told Brenda not to let her second chance with Roy slip away. Within a couple of weeks, Brenda had come to a decision and she flew out to join Roy in Malaysia, where he had found work.

Biography by Steve



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