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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Glenda Ryan Bronwyn Di Cecco

Glenda Ryan 2000
Marital Status: Maurie Ryan
Children: Lisa and Dylan

The timid wife of brash builder Maurie Ryan, Glenda fought, and beat, cancer, so was quite distressed when some pains in her arm made her believe that the tumour had returned. She visited her G.P., Dr. Karl Kennedy, who told her she was right to visit him, but the pain didn’t necessarily mean bad news. After some tests at the hospital, Glenda was given the all clear and she and Maurie were enormously relieved. However, a few weeks later, Glenda was helping out at the high school tuck shop when she suddenly collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Further tests revealed that the tumour had returned and it looked like Glenda may have to have her arm amputated.

Luckily, a new course of treatment seemed to work in fighting the tumour, but Maurie was furious with Karl for misdiagnosing his wife and allowing her to become so gravely ill. He decided to sue Karl, but hospital tests seemed to back up Karl’s story, indicating that the tumour had developed very quickly, after her initial visit. Karl was relieved, but it appeared that the Ryans weren’t about to let the situation rest at that and would be pressing ahead with the law suit. Although Karl was quickly exonerated by the medical board, the Ryans’ malpractice suit continued to hang over him as the couple turned down an out-of-court settlement. Whilst in the salon one day, Glenda overheard one of Karl’s friends, Lou Carpenter, discussing the case and how unfair it was on Karl. That evening, she went to Ramsay Street and explained to Karl that if it were up to her, the case would have been dropped weeks ago, but Maurie was the one pushing for more and more money.

When Maurie heard about this from Karl, he managed to convince Glenda that it was worth their while to press on with the court case. However, Glenda’s doubts continued and she confided in good friend Lyn Scully that she was having strong doubts about going ahead with it at all. She assured Lyn that Maurie wouldn’t get violent with her, but once his mind was made up, it was very difficult to change. As the beginning of the court case finally arrived, Glenda and Maurie walked into the foyer to see a despondent Karl standing with his wife, Susan. As Maurie ranted to journalist Julie Wise about how they were going to get all the money they deserved for Karl’s lack of competence, Glenda finally snapped. She announced to Maurie that she was unable to go ahead with the proceedings and, within a few hours, Karl was enormously relieved to find out that the whole case had been dropped.

Notes: In 1998, Bronwyn Di Cecco guest-starred as Jill Ross.

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