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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Declan Sands Lewis Reed

Declan Sands 2003-2004
Occupation: Student

When Summer Hoyland complained to Joe Scully about a boy at school who’d been spreading rumours about her kissing like a fish, it later became apparent that he was only being cruel because he liked her. Joe agreed to teach Summer to box, but it ended in disaster when Summer punched Declan in the stomach when he approached her in the Coffee Shop one day. Summer and Declan later ended up going to the same boxing lessons at the community hall and started to spend more and more time together. They even went on a date, albeit with some other friends, to the local cinema. After sharing a disastrous first kiss, Summer began to wonder if Declan really was right for her. When Declan tried to kiss Summer again after one of their classes, she quickly got in the car and left, having been advised to play hard to get and he was confused about where he stood with her.

Some advice from Sky Mangel proved to be the turning point in the relationship, as Declan and Summer spent a fun day out, making a waterslide and spying on the locals. The relationship continued for a few months, as the two started high school, but, following a trip to Papua New Guinea to visit her Nana Rosie, Summer returned to town with a new, mature outlook. It was then that she decided to dump Declan for an older boy. However, getting rid of Declan was proving to be difficult, although her friend Lisa tried to encourage her to use witchcraft. In the end, Declan was surprised when Summer simply came out and told him that it was over. However, in the days that followed, her tried to talk to her, but she simply brushed him off, thinking he was trying to get back together. The truth couldn’t have been more different, as Summer walked into the Coffee Shop and caught Lisa and Declan kissing, seemingly ending the relationship once and for all.

Biography by Steve



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