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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Mick Scully Andy Anderson

Mick Scully 2000
Parents: Pat and Mrs Scully
Marital Status: Di
Siblings: Tom and Joe
Family Tree: Scully
Occupation: Carpenter, Farmer

When Joe heard an intruder breaking into his home one night, he went to hit what he believed was a burglar, until he realised it was actually his brother, Mick. Mick announced that he’d left his wife, Di, and needed somewhere to stay to get his head together. Joe offered a despondent Mick some work on the building site, but it seemed that Mick wasn’t really that interested in taking his brother’s charity. Lyn was concerned that Joe was being taken advantage of. She noticed that, rather than looking for work, as he claimed to be, Mick was spending most of his time on the sofa or in the pub.

When Joe confronted Mick about his laziness and inability to speak to his wife, Mick packed his bags and vanished for a few days. Upon his return, he admitted that his unemployment had made him feel like a complete failure as a man. His confidence had become so low that he’d walked out on his family. Joe assured his brother that he was Scully and that meant that he would never be a failure and explained that he, too, had been going through a lot of financial difficulties since moving to Erinsborough. However, it took Lyn phoning Di and forcing Mick to talk to her before he agreed to return home. Joe gave Mick a lift home to Bendigo, where he later took on a farm and was reunited with his estranged father, Pat. A couple of years later, Mick and Pat were involved in a serious accident on the farm, meaning that Joe was forced to go and live with them for several months.

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