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Oscar Nicholas Scully 2003-2006
Lived: 22, 26 Ramsay Street
Born: 2003
Parents: Joe and Lyn Scully
Siblings: Stephanie, Jack, Felicity and Michelle
Family Tree: Scully

Born on the 20th August 2003, Oscar was the result of many months of deliberation for his parents. Deciding to try for another baby at a late stage in life, Joe and Lyn had started to give up hope, when Lyn suddenly announced her pregnancy in the middle of Susan and Karl's wedding reception. The pregnancy was not an easy one for Lyn, as she was injured during a bungled robbery at the Kennedy house and then subjected to emotional upheaval when her Ďauntí Valda was revealed to be her mother. Nevertheless, her baby-related problems were few, and as the due date passed, she and Joe decided to take a few days break at a beach house.

While there, Lyn began to have terrible stomach pains and was rushed home by Joe. Although she recovered, a quick examination at the hospital revealed that the baby was in the breach position and Lyn would near a caesarean to deliver it. Lyn was adamant that none of her babies would be born like that and went home where she practiced exercises to turn the baby. The following morning, she was relieved to be told that the baby had moved. However, only moments after returning home again, Lyn went into labour and was taken back to hospital. After several hoursí labour, Oscar was delivered by Dr. Veronica Olenski. The fact that the baby was a boy was a huge shock to Joe and Lyn, as Karl had informed them at the beginning of the pregnancy that it would be a girl.

While Joe was thrilled to have another son, Lyn found it difficult to bond with Oscar. Oscar would cry and cry, but Lyn had no desire to comfort him, and one night she told her child that she didnít understand why she didnít love him properly. After a couple of weeks, Oscar was baptised, with Susan Kennedy, Valda Sheergold, Harold Bishop and Gino Esposito as his godparents. Harold and Gino turned out to be particularly competitive when it came to their godparenting role, bringing gifts and offers of help. However, Lynís problems became clearer when she left Oscar in the car one day while out shopping and was arrested the following week for shoplifting. Karl diagnosed her with post-natal depression after a tip-off from an astute police detective and Lyn was forced to reveal her condition to her family. As Lyn began her recovery, Joe made a promise to Oscar that he would love him enough for both of them until his mummy got better.

Once Lyn was feeling more like her old self, she began to bond increasingly well with Oscar. But Oscarís arrival meant that the family would need to cut back on the spending a little bit. Although Lyn had returned to work at the salon, Joe still needed to do the odd bit of work too. While both parents were at home with him one day, Joe was in for a shock when he tried to change the channel from The Bold and the Beautiful to the cricket. Oscar immediately started crying and Lyn realised that the new baby was already becoming a soap opera addict. Joe tried to wean his son off the soaps, but soon realised that his efforts were futile.

Oscarís life was turned upside-down even before his first birthday when Joe was forced to leave the family to look after his sick father and brother in Bendigo. After a few months, it looked like Lyn and Oscar would be moving to the country to join him, until she changed her mind at the last minute and announced that the marriage was over. Despite not having his father around, Oscar got to visit him regularly and had his older siblings Jack and Steph around. He also had plenty of new friends to play with the following year, when Lyn allowed Janelle Timmins to move in, along with her four children, Dylan, Stingray, Janae and Bree. And, in the months that followed, he had a couple of dramatic adventures, firstly when his big sister, Steph, pregnant and suffering from breast cancer, took Oscar and disappeared, with everyone worried about her state of mind. Luckily she and Oscar were found in the park and she admitted that she was just trying to keep her brother safe. A few months later, self-centred Elle Robinson had agreed to babysit, but ended up losing Oscar, who had wandered off by Lassiterís lake and kicked his ball into the water. Only moments before Oscar waded in, he was spotted by neighbour Ned Parker, who took him home and quickly developed a bond with the boy, with Lyn asking him to become Oscarís nanny.

Oscarís life took another new turn a few months later, when his mum started working as the personal assistant to local businessman Paul Robinson and became romantically involved with him. When the pair became engaged, Oscar found himself enjoying the company of his potential new stepfather, but only hours after Lyn and Paul were married, he dropped the bombshell that he couldnít promise to be faithful to her and had already cheated on her during the engagement. Lyn, head held high, decided to take Oscar and head off to the Maldives for the honeymoon, before stopping off on the way back to visit Flick and Michelle in New York.


Magic Moments
Episode 4308: Oscar's Birth

Biography by Steve