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Dan Stevens 2005

Regular pub customer Dan Stevens was desperate for the recipe for Connor’s famous O’Neill beer. The man offered to pay any amount of money for it and it just so happened that Connor needed some money that night. His girlfriend’s mother, Lucia, had challenged him, in order to prove his worth, to double $500 in one night. Although reluctant at first, Connor decided that the only way to get the money was to sell the family secret to Dan. However, he got the last laugh when he revealed to his friends that he’d lied about the secret ingredient, telling Dan that it was bacon fat.

Notes: Jason Buckley previously appeared as a waiter in 1995, a journalist in 1996, as Dean Hearn in 2001 and as Trent Webster in 2004. He returned as Ari Piven in 2007.

Biography by Steve



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