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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Nick Sullivan Angus Grant

Nick Sullivan 2004

Possessive Nick Sullivan began a relationship with Lori Lee and also became close to her baby daughter, Maddy. However, things started to go wrong when Nick objected to the amount of time Maddy was spending with her natural father, Connor O’Neill. He insisted on keeping Maddy during Connor’s visiting time and things got violent when Connor tried to object. The tension increased further when he and Lori announced that they’d be moving to Adelaide where Nick was planning to open his own business.

Connor was desperate for regular access to Maddy and realised he’d see very little of her if she moved interstate. Lori allowed Maddy to stay with Connor for the few days leading up to the move, then she and Nick turned up to collect her. The next morning, as they were leaving Lassiter’s Hotel, Connor saw an opportunity when Nick left Maddy outside in her stroller for a few minutes. He snatched the child, but Lori was sympathetic and agreed to think things over. The following day, Nick was horrified when Lori announced that she and Maddy wouldn’t be moving to Adelaide. Nick’s reaction made Lori realise that he only cared about himself and she told him that things were over between them.

Biography by Steve



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