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Sergeant Ralph Walker 1999, 2000, 2001
Occupation: Police Constable and Sergeant

Local police officer Ralph Walker was called to several disturbances in and around Ramsay Street. He was called out when Paul McClain and Tad Reeves took revenge on Teabag for his campaign against Madge and Harold Bishop and arrested Harold a few months later over his suspected involvement in an armed robbery in Tasmania. He was also on the scene when Libby Kennedy and Stephanie Scully were involved in an accident with Brendan Bell, when Karl Kennedyís car was stolen from outside Louís garage, when Paul was framed for shoplifting and when the charity money raised for the Wigs for Kids fund was stolen.

He was then promoted to sergeant and became involved in Steph Scullyís problems with her criminal ex-boyfriend Larry Woodhouse, as well as investigating when a stressed Drew Kirk assaulted his noisy neighbour Nigel.

Notes: In 2003, Paul Collins guest-starred as Thomas Smith.

Biography by Steve



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