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Character Profiles > Sally Wells Rowena Mohr

Sally Wells 1987-1988
Lived: 28 Ramsay Street
Parents: Malcolm Clarke and Kate Wells
Sibling: Des
Family Tree: Wells/Clarke
Occupation: Coffee Shop assistant

Sally Wells was brought up in Perth by her single mother, Kate. Sally's father, Malcolm Clarke, had left Kate to bring Sally up alone when she was still a child, leaving no contact number.

As she grew up, Sally was determined to find her real father, but it proved a difficult task. She eventually discovered that Malcolm had a son, Des Clarke, from a previous marriage. Sally tracked down Des to Ramsay Street, Erinsborough. The two became very close, particularly since they had both grown up believing each was an only child. Des invited Sally to stay with him at No. 28, and she was of enormous help to him since his wife Daphne was away tending to her sick father. Des also gave Sally a job at Daphne's Coffee Shop, where Sally ended up striking up a surprising friendship with Des' mum, Eileen - who Malcolm had left for her mother years before.

Sally enlisted Des' help in tracking their father down, despite initial reluctance from Des. When they finally located Malcolm, he refused to entertain the notion of getting to know them, but after a while, Malcolm was happy to make up for lost time, and started to get to know his two children.

As she settled into Erinsborough, Sally decided to get a flat, and she shared with local mechanic, Tony Romeo. However, Tony started to develop feelings for Sally, but the furthest she took the relationship was as far as a few dates. Henry Ramsay was more appealing to Sally, and she was smitten by his charm and madcap humour. And after he had supported Sally throughout her emotional reunion with Malcolm, Henry and Sally started going out together.

But their relationship was not to last, as events took unexpected turns in the Clarke family. Daphne was tragically killed in a car accident, and Eileen suffered a nervous breakdown shortly afterwards. After her recovery, Malcolm offered Sally and Eileen two tickets for a trip around Europe, which he had won on a quiz show. Despite Henry's pleas for Sally to stay in Erinsborough with him, Sally was keen to travel, and also wanted to support Eileen in her hour of need, and so, opted to go. Even catching the bouquet at the wedding of Madge and Harold Bishop the day before her departure couldn't persuade Sally to stay and give things a go with Henry, and she kissed him goodbye, as Henry pondered what might have been.


Biography by Moe