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Adam Willis 1990-1991
Lived: 28 Ramsay Street
Born: 1969
Parents: Doug and Pam Willis
Siblings: John, Gaby, Brad and Cody
Family Tree: Willis
Occupation: Doctor

The eldest son of Doug and Pam Willis, Adam Willis decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and study medicine at university after completing his HSC.

While in his first year of Medical School, Pam and Doug decided to move to a smaller house, No. 28 Ramsay Street, with youngest child, 15 year-old Cody. Adam initially planned to find a flat to live in, but after realising the expense of being a student, he opted to move with his family into No. 28.

Desperate for cash, Adam took on a part-time job chauffeuring for next door neighbour Helen Daniels' limousine business, Home James. Adam quickly fell for Caroline Alessi from over the road, but she was already in a relationship with the older Jim Robinson. Adam soon found himself embroiled in silly competitions with Jim in an attempt at impressing Caroline. The competition annoyed Caroline, but after she split with Jim, she realised she was attracted to Adam, and they started dating. However, Caroline was in a well-paid job as assistant manager of the Robinson Corporation and Lassiter's Hotel, leading Adam to develop a chip on his shoulder about the difference in income between the couple. Adam could never shake off the way in which he felt inferior to Caroline, and they eventually decided to break up.

When his medical studies started to falter, Adam decided to pack in Medical School and do what Doug had always wanted him to do - join the family business, Willis Construction, as an apprentice builder. But Doug realised long ago that Adam didn't want to be a labourer, and decided to make his days on the building site as miserable as possible so that Adam would realise he was more suited to a life of academia as opposed to manual labour. Doug's plan was soon a success, and much to the delight of Pam, Adam returned to Medical School.

True love arrived for Adam when he fell for Gemma Ramsay, who lived with her aunt Madge Bishop two doors away. She had just come out of a relationship and was at first reluctant to commit to another one. But having realised how strongly she felt about Adam, she eventually gave in and started seeing him.

After only a few months together, however, Gemma was offered a job at an animal sanctuary in Newcastle, New South Wales. After talking it over, Adam decided she should go and he agreed to follow her when he could transfer to a medical school in Newcastle. Gemma didn't have to wait too long to be reunited with Adam, however, because after a month, Adam had secured a transfer and bid his family goodbye to move to New South Wales. He and Gemma later got engaged there, and Adam completed his medical studies, finally becoming Dr. Adam Willis.


Biography by Moe