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Libby and Drew's flat 2001-2002
Residents: Libby Kennedy (2001-2002); Drew Kirk (2001-2002); Audrey (2001-2002); Ben Kirk (2002); Stuart Parker (2002); Felicity Scully (2002)

Having recently married, Libby & Drew had found themselves in the hardly ideal situation of living with Libby’s parents, Karl & Susan whilst they found somewhere to live, so when Drew found the ‘perfect’ flat for them close to Ramsay Street, he quickly handed over the bond to the landlord. Unfortunately, Libby’s idea of perfect differed greatly from Drew’s and she admitted to her mum, Susan that she hated it. However, having though about the practical side of it and considering what to Susan had told her about how fondly she remembers her first flat with Karl and the happy memories it evoked, Libby decided to give the place a chance, although Nigel, the incessant drummer who lived upstairs took some getting used to.

One day, having found a small terrier shivering in a cardboard box at the garage, Drew brought her home. Since their lease didn’t allow pets, they were forced to take the little dog to a pound, but after learning that she had a heart condition and would be put down, Libby convinced Drew to adopt the puppy, who they named Audrey and somehow managed to keep her hidden during a sudden flat inspection by the owner.

Shortly afterwards, Libby discovered that she was pregnant, something which causes much concern as she had been advised that it would be unlikely she would ever carry a baby to full term following a motorbike accident a few years earlier. The baby did indeed decide to make a premature appearance, nearly killing Libby in the process, however after a few weeks in hospital, baby Ben was allowed home.

Just as they got Ben home, Stuart Parker, the brother of one of Drew's Oakey mates, arrived on their doorstep. They allowed him to stay on the sofa for a while, however he soon outstayed his welcome in the cramped flat and they were forced to ask him to leave.

When new neighbour, Terri Hall, moved into the flat above theirs, Libby & Drew were very suspicious of her and Drew thought she was working as a prostitute. One night, after seeing some lights on in the garage, Stuart and Drew went in to find the place being burgled. During the ensuing chaos, Drew was assaulted by a policewoman - Terri. She explained that she'd been undercover recently - hence her keeping long hours and dressing glamorously.

Not long after Ben’s christening, Lou Carpenter offered to rent Number 22 Ramsay Street to Libby and Drew, who were looking for somewhere bigger to live as he was moving in with good friend, Harold Bishop following their respective accidents, which they gladly accepted.

Later that year, following the fallout of her affair with sister, Stephanie’s fiancé, Marc Lambert, Felicity Scully moved into the flat whilst things settled down. Marc, however, wasn’t about to give up on a relationship with Flick. Returning to Erinsborough, he tracked her down to the flat and made her listen to him. For a while, they tried to make a go of things as a couple, but she realised that it was a mistake as she began to lose the respect of her friends and family, most importantly, her mum. Realising that things were over and his desperation wouldn’t change anything, Marc decided to cut his losses and left for London, whilst Flick decided to take up an offer from best friend, Tad Reeves to join him for a while, working on his Extreme Games tour in the USA.

Trivia Notes
• The set for Libby and Drew's flat was used later as Karl's apartment, the Napier House, Carmella’s apartment and as Angus' flat
• The real-life location used for the flat was 6 Alexander Street, Box Hill

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