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Paula Abdul 2014

After finding out that singer Paula Abdul was staying at Lassiter's, as she prepared for some auditions for her latest television series, Karl Kennedy decided that he was going to get her to sign one of her albums for him. Karl was especially delighted to meet Paula, as she was one of the three women on his 'celebrity freebies' list, but his wife Susan warned him not to make an idiot of himself - and especially not to play her any of his own music. Later that day, Waterhole manager Sheila was shocked to spot Karl heading into Lassiter's hotel with Paula Abdul and, fearful that he'd gone back to his philandering ways, she called Susan, who was more concerned about her husband making a fool of himself. As Susan and Sheila waited outside the hotel, Karl and Paula emerged, and Sheila launched an attack on cheating Karl and Paula was forced to explain that Karl had just been taking a look at her sore throat. As Paula suddenly realised what Sheila had suspected to be going on, she burst out laughing, and Karl was hurt as the three women laughed at the idea that he could attract the attentions of someone like Paula Abdul.

Born in San Fernando, California on June 19th 1962, Paula Abdul began her dance career as a cheerleader with the LA Lakers when she was 18 years old. During the 1980s, she worked as a choreographer on music videos, and launched her own successful pop career in the late 1980s, going on to have six number ones on the Billboard Hot 100, and winning a Grammy for Best Music Video - Short Form, as well as two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Choreography. In 2002, she accepted a role as judge on American Idol, remaining with the show for its first eight seasons, and went on to be a judge on the first season of the US X Factor, as well as being a guest judge on Dancing With The Stars. In 2014, Paula became one of the judges on the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance

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