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Neighbourhood > Actor Profiles > Jane Allsop

Jane Allsop
Played: Samantha Spry/Shelley Hanson/Diana Murray
Appeared: 1995/1998, 1999/2007

Jane Allsop was born in Oxford, England in 1975. Her father's profession as a surgeon kept the family overseas for the early years of her life. They lived in America before returning to Australia, settling in Mont Albert, Melbourne.

Allsop obtained an interest in drama throughout her childhood, beginning drama classes aged nine. At 13 years old she was in the Wedgewood Pie commercial.

She began an Arts degree but dropped out when she decided it wasn't for her. However, in 1995 she was accepted into the Victoria College of Arts to study for a visual and performing arts degree. She graduated in 1998. While at the VCA she had many guest roles in Neighbours (1995, 1998 and 1999), Blue Heelers (1997), State Coroner, Halifax FP (1998) and Kangaroo Palace (1997).

In 1998 and early 1999 she turned towards drama teaching, but after auditioning she landed the role of Jo Parrish in Blue Heelers. She began filming in May 1999, and remained a permanent cast member until her departure in 2004, just two years before the long-running cop show was axed. This role allowed her to obtain the TV Week Logie in 2000 for Most Popular Female New Talent.

Jane lives in Melbourne with her boyfriend, actor David Serafin (himself a former Neighbours guest, including the 2006 role of Rex Colt). Her interests outside of acting include creative writing, painting and horse riding.

In 2007, she took on the role of Noeline Brown in the Graham Kennedy biopic The King, as well as making her third guest appearance in Neighbours in the role of Diana Murray.

Thanks to Charlotte from UK Blue Heelers Web for the cast and character information.

Profile by Womblie



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