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Warwick Capper 1986

Whilst watching a football game with Mike Young one day, Des Clarke suddenly mentioned that he was good friends with legendary player, Warwick Capper. Neither Mike, nor Des’ wife, Daphne, believed the claims and simply laughed at Des for making things up. A few days later, Daphne was stunned when Warwick walked into the Coffee Shop and ordered. Des wasn’t far behind and Daphne was quick to point out the coincidence, since they’d been talking about Warwick only a few days before. Des, however, simply said that he and Warwick had business to do and went to sit with his friend. Soon after, a couple of the local kids – Charlene Mitchell and Jane Harris – came in and spotted him. They started hassling him for autographs and Charlene asked if they could become cheerleaders for Warwick’s team, the Sydney Swans. To try and get rid of them, Warwick agreed to see what he could do, and Des decided that they’d be better off going back to his place where they might actually get some work done. On the way out, they were spotted by Mike and his mate, Scott Robinson, and Daphne and Mike were forced to admit that they were wrong when they accused Des of lying.

Warwick Capper is a former Australian Rules Football player. He rose to fame in the mid-1980s, playing as a full-forward for the Sydney Swans, winning several awards in 1986 and 1987. Apart from a brief stint with the Brisbane Bears, he played for the Swans from 1983 to 1991. Since his retirement from professional football, Warwick has become something of a controversial public figure with stories of drug use during his time as a footballer. In 2002, he appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, but was removed after only a few days, for exposing himself to a female housemate. In 2005, he released the book Fool Forward.

Profile by Steve