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Julian Clary 2007

After a pregnant Izzy Hoyland left Erinsborough, she found herself in London and involved in a high profile relationship with married Premiership footballer Pete Gartside. When the press exposed them, Pete ended things and Izzy found herself hiding from the journalists and out on the street, sleeping on a park bench. It was there that Karl Kennedy – the father of Izzy’s child - and his partner, Susan Kinski, who were holidaying in London, spotted her lying there but, since her face was covered, didn’t realise who it was. They stood by the bench and Susan finally convinced Karl to put a few coins in the person’s cup before they walked off and Izzy, who had heard everything, looked up to see if it was really them. In a fluster, she stopped a passer-by, Julian Clary, and asked for his phone as she had an urgent call to make. She phoned Pete and managed to convince him to give her another chance and meet up later that day. As Izzy handed the phone back to Julian, the paparazzi arrived and, as he told them to be quick as he had places to be, he was unimpressed when they all ran off after Izzy instead.

Born 25th May 1959, camp British comedian Julian Clary first found fame in the 1980s on the alternative comedy circuit with his ‘Joan Collins Fanclub’ act, before finding wider fame with his own Channel 4 television series, Sticky Moments with Julian Clary, sitcom Terry and Julian and comedy All Rise for Julian Clary. His career was badly affected in 1993 by a badly-received joke about politician Norman Lamont, but in 1999, he became a panellist on It’s Only TV… But I Like It and, in recent years, had revived his career, taking part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2004 (finishing third), releasing his autobiography in 2005 and presenting BBC reality dog training series The Underdog Show in 2007.

Profile by Steve