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Darryl Cotton 1990

When Madge Bishop found out that one of her favourite singers, Darryl Cotton, was staying at Lassiter’s hotel whilst writing new material, she was determined to meet him. Whilst at work at the Waterhole pub, she spotted him at one of the tables, but couldn’t quite work up the courage to approach him and, when her friend Helen Daniels popped in, Madge was left very jealous when Darryl held the door open for her. Later that day, Darryl returned to the pub looking for his favourite pen. Madge explained that she’d cleared the table earlier and would check in the bins at the back of the hotel, as it was no trouble. After then spending time sifting through the contents of a large wheelie bin, Madge was delighted to find the pen and headed off to reception to get Darryl’s room number. When they refused to tell her, Madge visited Melanie Pearson, secretary to hotel owner Paul Robinson. Melanie told Madge the room number and Madge headed up there to give Darryl his pen. Meanwhile, Melanie mentioned to Madge’s husband, Harold, that his wife had gone to the hotel room of a famous singer and he became convinced that something untoward was happening, particularly when Madge returned and claimed that Darryl had done her a big favour in return for getting his pen back. That favour turned out to be a live performance at the Waterhole, but a shaken Harold decided that he should try and get fit if his marriage was going to survive. Madge, meanwhile, found herself with the new job of Lassiter’s Director of Entertainment as a result of her efforts.

Darryl Cotton’s career as a singer dates back to 1968, as a founding member of Australian rock band, Zoot. Following this, and several years writing music in America, he launched a solo career in Australia, before several other projects including an acting role in The Young Doctors, the lead in the stage production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and, in 1984, presenting the children’s variety show The Early Bird Show. Further albums, nightclub appearances and stints on shows such as New Faces continued in the 1990s, before Darryl founded the group, Darryl Cotton and the Rockafellaz.

Profile by Steve