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Alan Fletcher
Played: Greg Cooper/Karl Kennedy
Appeared: 1987/1994-

Alan Fletcher was born in Perth on March 30th, 1957. One of four Fletcher boys, he grew up in the newly-created southern suburbs amongst bush and goannas. He was bitten by the acting bug early, appearing in various school productions, but it was whilst attending Wesley College that Alan's passion for acting really developed where he took on major roles in plays.

After completing three years of university study, Alan commenced a professional career in the theatre under the stewardship of Artistic Director John Milson. And after 18 months at the Hole, he graduated to the main Perth Theatre Company where he stayed for 18 months.

After three years of constant work, Alan headed for Sydney and immediately began a three-week stint on the Grundy Television production The Young Doctors playing a forty something father of three, afflicted with ulcers, at the tender age of 23 years!

A trip to New Zealand followed where he toured with Arthur Lowe in the comedy Beyond A Joke, then came a one-year contract at Penrith's Q Theatre in Sydney.

Following this, Alan was offered a place at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. However, at the same time, he was offered a years contract on the popular Crawford Production's television show Cop Shop. TV won out and an 18 month stint (alongside his now onscreen wife Jackie Woodburne) established his television credentials.

The 1980's were a period of intense growth for Alan. Perhaps his favourite role was as Frank Vittorio in the Simpson Le Mesurier mini series Sword of Honour (alongside another Neighbour, Nikki Coghill, who plays Miranda Parker) which chartered the tragic consequences of the Vietnam War.

Alan returned to Perth twice in the eighties to perform in Don's Party and The Sentimental Bloke, and while in Perth he appeared in the critically acclaimed feature Fran. He also appeared on US television as Morgan Fairchild's fiancÚ in The Love Boat.

Numerous guest appearances on Australian television series and comedy programmes were punctuated by three radio series of the satirical ABC comedy program Don't Get Off Ya Bike!.

In 1988, Alan commenced work at the Melbourne Theatre Company where he remained almost continuously for three years.

It was also in 1988 that Alan had his first role on Neighbours. For three weeks he played Greg Cooper, a performance that might have disappeared into obscurity were it not for the eagle of eye of thousands of Neighbours fans who delighted in spotting Alan many years later when the show was re-run.

During the mid eighties, Alan's work as a photographer developed into a business. He began by photographing actor friends and, within the space of a few years, he was heavily in demand and recognized as one of Melbourne's best headshot photographers.

The nineties were the decade that saw Alan's career truly flourish. For three seasons, he played Australian consul Michael Clayton in the ABC/Grundy programme Embassy, receiving an Australian Film institute nomination for best actor in a series.

Guest appearances in television such as the ABC comedy Inside Running punctuated this work with one highlight being work in the comedy sketch show Fast Forward. Alan also appeared in the US telemovie Mercy Mission which, after Neighbours, is his most recognized role overseas.

In 1994 Alan's life underwent a complete change. He was offered a one-year contract on Neighbours and, over ten years later, he's still there!

One of the bonuses of working on Neighbours is the opportunity to perform in pantomime in the UK, and to tour with his band Waiting Room.

Despite a frantic Neighbour's schedule Alan has managed to squeeze in appearances in the stage musical MAME for The Production Company and two shows of The Great Australian Dog of the Year.

He looks forward to a bright future working in Australia and abroad, and especially hopes to soon have the opportunity to explore work in the UK.


Profile by Kate