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Andrew G 2007

After finding out that her favourite TV presenter, Andrew G, was hosting a vegan lunch nearby, Lolly Allen pleaded with her dad, Lou, to get them an invitation. Since the lunch was being held for local restaurateurs, and desperate to impress his daughter, Lou claimed that he, as part-owner of The General Store, had already been invited. Unfortunately, the plan failed when the doorman refused to let them in and Lou decided to try another plan and, along with business partner Harold, entered through the kitchen, pretending to be staff. They then started chatting to the “chef”, little realising that it was Andrew G himself, about how much they loved Andrew and would like to meet him. Andrew played along, telling them to make a start on the dishes and he would see if he could arrange a meeting. Outside, Lolly met up with one of her teachers, Pepper Steiger, who had pulled a sickie in order to try and meet Andrew, and the pair eventually found their way to the kitchen, where they were amazed to finally meet their idol, just as Lou was explaining the situation with his daughter and Andrew was about to reveal his true identity. Fortunately there were no hard feelings, and Andrew agreed to let Lolly and Pepper join him for dessert.

Born in London in 1974, Andrew Jonas Günsberg moved with his family to Australia at the age of four and grew up with a strong interest in music. At the age of 20, he worked for Brisbane’s B105 radio station and five years later, he joined Channel [V] as a presenter, where he stayed until 2006. In 2003, he began presenting Network Ten’s Australian Idol alongside James Mathison, a role which saw him nominated for 2004’s Silver Logie for Most Popular Television Presenter. This also increased his profile significantly and led to guest appearances on shows such as Australia’s Brainiest Television Presenter, Ready Steady Cook and Thank God You’re Here. In 2007, as well as a cameo appearance in Neighbours, he presented Network Ten’s The Con Test.

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