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Dave Graney 1998

When it looked like Toadie Rebecchi was going to lose his job if he didnít come up with a big story, he was amazed when Dave Graney walked into Louís pub one day. With the help of Nick Atkins, Toadie plucked up the courage to approach Dave, only to be turned down flat. Toadie continued to pester Dave until he had finally had enough and hurriedly left the pub, forgetting his mobile phone in the process. Toadie quickly grabbed it, waiting for Dave to call or come back to retrieve, prepared to blackmail him into giving an interview. Later that morning, Dave returned to the pub, where his phone was nowhere to be seen, so he called his number and Toadie answered. Toadie explained that he would start deleting Daveís stored numbers unless he met him at UniFM at midday for an interview. The final part of the plan then came into action when Dave arrived at the studio and stepped into the office to get his phone. Nick quickly shut Dave and Toadie in the room together, then Toadie locked the door and hid the key. He decided to go ahead with the interview, despite Dave not agreeing to it and threatening to contact the police if he wasnít released. After several questions which went unanswered, Toadie finally gave in and handed over the mobile, which Dave used to call the police and claim that heíd been kidnapped. Just as Toadie thought he was finished, Dave admitted that he wasnít serious and left the studio, where he was met by a group of adoring fans. Fortunately for Toadie, the incident created enough publicity to save his job.

Dave Graney is an Australian rock musician, who, with Clare Moore, has fronted bands including The Moodists, White Buffaloes, Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes and The Dave Graney Show. He has won an ARIA for best male vocalist and he and Clare are currently fronting The Lurid Yellow Mist.

Profile by Steve