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Patrick Harvey
Played: Connor O'Neill
Appeared: 2002-2006

Born in Melbourne, Australia in July 1984, Patrick Harvey’s family returned to their native Northern Ireland due to family illness when he was only 10. Between the ages of 10 and 16, Patrick attended school in Anderstown, Belfast, before returning to Australia at 16. After unsuccessful attempts to launch his acting career in Ireland, he continued auditioning, with his parents’ support, in Australia.

Following small roles in Blue Heelers and The Saddle Club, Patrick auditioned for Neighbours on three separate occasions, before scoring a 13-week contract with the show at the age of 17. Although he had originally auditioned with an Australian accent, the producers preferred his Belfast tones, and the character of Connor O’Neill, a friend of footballer Jack Scully, was created. After 13 weeks, and satisfied with the character and actor’s development, he was signed to a two-year contract.

A year after joining the show, Patrick’s popularity with the audience was proven when he won the award for Most Popular Male Newcomer at the 2003 Logie Awards. Patrick remained popular with viewers throughout his run but in 2006, as his contract came to an end, he decided to leave and pursue other acting roles. He filmed his final Neighbours scenes in February 2006.

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