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Scott McGregor
Played: Mark Brennan
Appeared: 2010-2011, 2013, 2014-2019, 2020

Scott McGregor was born in April 1981 in Albury, New South Wales and is one of five boys.

Having previously worked for an advertising company, Scott began modelling while also studying Graphic Design. He did shoots for magazines such as Men's Health as well as various television adverts. By 2005, he had begun modelling for the programme Temptation on Australia's Nine Network and the following year, he began dating his colleague, model, Chelsea Butler. The relationship lasted until 2011. In 2006, Scott was a contestant in the Cleo Bachelor of the Year Contest. In 2011, he was one of the fifty finalists.

Then in 2008, Scott developed his career in presenting, by fronting the show, Blood, Sweat & Gears. Later that year, he had a minor role in Underbelly, going on to appear in various shows such as Carla Cametti in 2009, Winners & Losers in 2011 and Offspring in 2012.

In 2010, Scott landed his biggest role to date - playing Detective Mark Brennan in Neighbours. His short contract was extended to six months, then again to a year before Scott decided he wanted to pursue other acting and modelling opportunities. It was an exciting exit for Mark, as, in a special episode, it played out in real time; Mark's intention to reveal police corruption sent him into witness protection, only for girlfriend Kate Ramsay to later learn that he had been killed. Scott's optimism that he could still later return was fulfilled a couple of years later, when Mark was revealed to be alive! Reunited with Kate at last, she was tragically shot, having just accepted Mark's marriage proposal, dying in his arms.

In 2016, Scott became a brand ambassador for men's underwear, Noble by Noble. In the same year, he and his partner, Bianka Voigt got engaged. They had their first child the following year and were married in January 2019.

Mark, meanwhile, became a regular face on Ramsay Street and the Brennan siblings all moved in - Aaron, Tyler and Chloe. In 2019, Scott left the role and the character of Mark moved to Adelaide. In April 2020, Scott was seen on screen in Neighbours for the last time, returning as part of the show's 35th anniversary celebrations, which saw Mark finally marry his on-off girlfriend Paige Smith.

Less positively, Scott was involved in an incident with an exotic dancer in 2019, who threw a glass at him, accusing him of being intoxicated and verbally abusive, and he had to receive treatment for a cut lip. The court was told that he had a history of public drunkenness and aggression towards women and that the police had previously been called to an incident between him and an ex-girlfriend. The woman was found guilty and made to pay his medical costs. In November 2022, Scott was charged with one count of sexual assault, following an alleged incident earlier that year. The following year, the case was diverted, meaning that he did not plead guilty and was not formally found guilty. The Magistrate described the charge as 'a single non-sexual episode that was extraordinarily minor in the circumstances' and Scott was ordered to write a letter of gratitude to the police officer who recommended the diversion, a second letter apologising to the complainant and a $300 donation to a charity of his choice.

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