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Craig McLachlan
Played: Henry Mitchell Ramsay
Appeared: 1987-1989

Born 1st September 1965, in Long Jetty, New South Wales, Craig McLachlan made his television debut with a small guest role in Sons & Daughters in 1986, before joining the cast of Neighbours the following year. The role of loveable larrakin Henry Mitchell (later Ramsay) made Craig a household name in Australia and the UK, and he remained in the role for over two years. Craig then signed a contract with the rival Network Seven, and spent a year playing the role of Grant in Home & Away, as well as appearing in the films Heroes II: The Return, Absent Without Leave, Mad Bomber In Love and Catherine the Great.

In 1995, Craig appeared on UK television in the sci-fi series BUGS. Craig played the character of Ed in the show's first three series, and the character was recast with Steven Houghton in the show's fourth and final series, when Craig chose not to return. In the mid-90s, Craig also appeared on the stage in the musicals Grease and The Rocky Horror Show and between 1990 and 1996, he released three albums.

In 2001, Craig returned to television with the role of Greg Graham in Always Greener, and he went on to make guest and recurring appearances in series including McLeod's Daughters, Supernova, Packed to the Rafters, Rescue Special Ops, At Home With Julia and House Husbands. He also appeared in one episode of NCIS Los Angeles, as well as in films including Let's Get Skase, Hating Alison Ashley and The Great Raid. 2013 saw Craig take on the lead role in the period crime drama The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

Craig's first marriage, to childhood sweetheart Karen Williams ended in 1989, and his second, to his former Neighbours co-star Rachel Friend, lasted only a year. In 2010, it was reported that he had become engaged for a third time, to actress and choreographer Kelley Abbey.

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