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Radha Mitchell
Played: Cassandra Rushmore/Catherine O'Brien
Appeared: 1994/1996-1997

Born November 12th 1973, Radha Mitchell began her acting career whilst still attending high school in her native Melbourne, Australia. She made her debut starring in children's television show Sugar and Spice in 1988 and subsequently, the young actress made two guest appearances in the long-running, acclaimed Australian police drama, Blue Heelers.

It wasn't until 1994 that Radha came to the attention of Neighbours fans, guest-starring in several episodes as sky-diving instructor, Cassandra Rushmore. And two years later, in 1996, Radha had her first big break, when she returned to Neighbours in the, initially guest, but later regular role of strong-minded and opinionated student, Catherine O'Brien. She continued to play the role until 1997, when her character left Ramsay Street and relocated to Europe. Radha, meanwhile, with aspirations of furthering her career, moved to Los Angeles.

The show had brought rising star Radha notoriety and she made her big-screen debut in the romantic comedy, Love and Other Catastrophes. But it was her next project, the independent feature High Art in 1998, starring alongside former "Brat Pack" actress, Ally Sheedy, that Mitchell made her first impression on American audiences. The dark, dramatic, but acclaimed drama brought much attention and critical praise Mitchell's way.

In the following few years, Radha continued to make appearances in the independent movie scene. It was during the filming of one of these movies, Kick - that she met her future boyfriend and fellow antipodean actor, Martin Henderson.

It was 2000, before she broke into the mainstream starring as Carolyn Fry in the sci-fi horror, Pitch Black, alongside Vin Diesel. The film was a surprise hit at the box office and relatively well-received. Radha continued to work Stateside, and in 2002, she showed another side to her talents by writing, producing and starring in Four Reasons. A following series of film roles rose Mitchell's profile considerably as she appeared alongside Colin Farrell in tense thriller, Phone Booth, and with Denzel Washington in Man On Fire. Later in 2004, Mitchell starred in the Academy Award winning, Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.

Despite her appearances in various high-profile roles, it was her appearance in the little known 2001 movie, Ten Tiny Love Stories, that had impressed world-famous director Woody Allen. He recalled the young Australian actress and subsequently offered her the lead role in his 2004 movie, Melinda and Melinda, without audition. Though the film performed disappointingly in the box office, it cemented Radha's new-found, leading lady status.

Recent appearances have included starring in romantic comedy/drama Mozart and the Whale as one half of a couple, both living with Asperger's syndrome. The film was critically lauded for its realistic portrayal of living everyday life with a form of autism. And in 2006, starring as Rose DaSilva in hit psychological horror movie Silent Hill, based on the videogame series of the same name.

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