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Bert Newton 1995

After splitting up with boyfriend Luke Handley, then suffering dreams in which he wanted to get back together, insisting that he’d changed, Ren Gottlieb decided to turn to dream interpreter Joan Hanger for advice. After noticing that Joan was appearing on Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton, Ren sent in information about the dreams she’d been having about being with Luke, ever since their relationship ended. Joan quickly worked out that Ren had rushed into her relationship with Luke in the beginning, but her dreams were showing that she still wanted to be with him, and she advised that Ren should go and track him down immediately and tell him of her feelings. Ren, however, was left confused and turned to past life therapist Marelle Balaskas for help. Marelle warned Ren to stay away from Luke, but as time went on, Ren realised that Marelle was a con artist, simply trying to get people to pay to go to her retreats. In the end, Ren went to speak to Luke about it all, but they were interrupted by news that Ren’s brother, Mark, had fallen from the roof of number 22 and was in a coma. As they waited by Mark’s bedside, Luke finally took the initiative and proposed to Ren.

Born in Fitzroy, Australia in July 1938, Bert Newton is one of Australia’s most popular television personalities. He began his media career in radio, including advertisements, children’s shows and as an announcer. He then moved into television, hosting The Late Show, In Melbourne Today, In Melbourne Tonight and The Channel 9 Show. In 1992, Bert joined Channel Ten to host Good Morning Australia, a show he remained with for 13 years until it was cancelled in 2005, at which point he returned to Nine to host Bert’s Family Feud. Bert has also had many film and stage roles, and has long been associated with the Logie Awards, hosting 18 times and winning the Gold Logie four times.

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