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Sarah Vandenbergh
Played: Lauren Carpenter
Appeared: 1993-1994

Sarah Vandenbergh was born in Sydney, Australia on 9th October 1972. She got her big break into acting in 1993, playing Lou Carpenter's daughter, Lauren in Neighbours for a year. Despite Lauren and Brad Willis (Scott Michelson) embarking on a scandalous affair behind Beth Brennan (Natalie Imbruglia)'s back, Sarah proved exceptionally popular too. Years later, with Brad having divorced Beth and moved onto his second wife, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), Neighbours revisited the Brad and Lauren love story and got them back together again to live happily ever after, this time played by different actors (Kip Gamblin and Kate Kendall).

Back in 1994 however, after Beth jilted Brad at the altar for his infidelity, Brad and Lauren had a brief opportunity to make things work. When things didn't work for them as a proper couple, Lauren found herself engaged in a cult before her Dad helped her escape and she left Erinsborough, secretly pregnant with Brad's daughter, Paige, who she gave up for adoption. This would also come to light years later and Lauren and Brad would be reunited with their grown up eldest child.

As for Sarah, her career went from strength to strength and, for a time, she moved over to the UK, where Neighbours was still very popular. She became a presenter of Sunday morning kids' show, Fully Booked from 1996 to 1997 with Paul Brophy, Grant Stott and Morag the Cow.

She then won the role of Kerri, the Australian girlfriend of Adam Morgan in UK soap, Hollyoaks. Wild child Kerri's romance with Adam was somewhat short-lived, as she and Adam's Dad shared a kiss also. Sarah starred on the soap for three months in 1999. Sarah has had film roles such as Jemima in Diana: a Tribute to the People's Princess and Cassie in Inbetweeners as well as a Nun in the short film, Fancy Dress. She has also had roles in television programmes such as Holby City, Keen Eddie, McLeod's Daughters and All Saints. She currently presents for Australian shopping channel, TVSN.

Little is known about Sarah's personal life as she has always been very private.

Profile by Tess