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Amali Ward 2013

After she started singing alongside Karl Kennedy's band The Right Prescription, Georgia Brooks' talent was soon spotted by Paul Robinson, who saw an opportunity to make some money. He talked her into signing a contract, and desperate to see if she could make it in the music industry, Georgia failed to realise just how much of herself she was signing away. Georgia was then surprised to find out that Paul had given the rights to one of her songs, Letting You Know, to Amali Ward, who was completely unaware just how much the song meant to Georgia, as Paul had led Amali to believe that Georgia was just a writer, who was only interested in the money. When Amali then approached Georgia about changing a few of the song's lyrics, Georgia was surprised but was forced to go along with the request. It was only when a local newspaper printed a small article about Amali's new song, which mentioned that the song 'wasn't written for anyone in particular' that Georgia went and confronted her, telling her that the song was about her boyfriend Kyle, and that Amali had no right claiming that she'd written it. Amali apologised, and said that she hadn't spoken to the newspaper, but her publicist must have given a statement without permission. Later, Amali was trying to track down Georgia, to explain that she'd made the newspaper print a retraction, and she went looking at Kyle's builder's yard. Kyle told Amali that Georgia wasn't just a writer, but she also used to perform her songs at the bar, and he showed Amali a video clip on his phone. Realising that Paul had been lying to her, Amali arranged for the rights to the song to be returned to Georgia, and ended her association with Paul.

Born June 2nd, 1988 in Hobart, Tasmania, Amali Ward first rose to prominence in Australia as one of the top 12 in the 2004 season of Australian Idol, finishing in 10th place, following a performance of Dionne Warwick's I Say A Little Prayer. Aged just 16 at the time, she went on to release her debut, self-written EP a year later. After several years working on her songwriting in the US, where her work featured in several advertising campaigns, she returned to Australia to complete her debut album Back In Time, which was released in May 2013, which received both a Lennon Award in the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and the Stephen Schwartz Songwriting Award. The album's release was followed with a national tour in June.

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