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Shane Warne 2006

When Harold Bishop found out that his housemates Lou Carpenter and Mishka Schneiderova had been illegally brewing vodka, he threatened to evict, but the three of them managed to come to a compromise by giving the profits to charity. Mishka, a huge fan of cricketer Shane Warne, was delighted when Lou announced that the money was going to the Shane Warne Foundation for underprivileged children. Her excitement only grew when Lou then told her that Shane himself was coming to Erinsborough to collect the chque. Mishka set about organising a party for him at the Scarlet Bar, complete with his favourite food, baked beans. Many Erinsborough residents turned up at the bar to meet their cricketing hero, as Shane happily signed autographs and even did a little bowling with Zeke Kinski and bar owner, Max Hoyland. Shane then thanked everyone for coming, and gave a special thanks to a thrilled Mishka for her kind donation. As the celebrations drew to a close, Janelle Timmins, whose husband Kim had recently done a runner from the law, decided to try her luck with Shane, but got nowhere and, before long, he left the bar and Erinsborough.

Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne was born in Victoria in 1969. At the time of writing, he held the record for the most test wickets taken by any bowler in test crickets, and is also the first bowler to take 600 test wickets. After playing for Victoria in the 1990-1991 season, he joined the Australia B team, before joining the A team in December 1991. He quickly became renowned for, amongst other things, his flipper bowling delivery. Despite controversies in his personal life including a suspension following a positive drugs test and allegations in the tabloid press of marital infidelity his sporting career has gone from strength to strength. In 2005, he was named BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Overseas Personality, for his incredible performance at the 2005 Ashes.

Profile by Steve