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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 1985

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' first season (episodes 1-170)

1: Lorraine Kingham tells Des Clarke that she has decided not to marry him.
2: Daphne Lawrence tells Shane Ramsay she’s the solution to Des keeping No.28 Ramsay Street.
3: Marcia Taylor and daughter Kim cannot communicate with each other.
4: Daphne helps Des by buying replacement furniture for No.28.
5: Marcia hears a tape suggesting that Scott Robinson paid Kim for sex – Kim rushes from the classroom.

6: Scott & Kim vow to stay together and hide out at the abandoned monastery.
7: Jim must face the Taylors and tell them that Kim has run away again.
8: The Robinson family are puzzled when Paul leaves a family meal with a priest.
9: Gordon Miller prepares to rob the Pacific Bank.
10: Max & Maria Ramsay learn that son Shane may be paralysed due to the car accident.

11: Shane forces himself to move again.
12: Maria tells her sister Anna Rossi that she fears how Max will react when Danny returns home.
13: Danny agrees to think about Shane coaching him at diving.
14: Anna tells Jim that she is already involved with someone back in Queensland.
15: Jim asks Helen why both Julie & Lucy hate Anna so much.

. . .

16: Anna is torn between her love for Jim and her loyalty towards Max.
17: Jim gives Julie an ultimatum; apologise to Anna or move out of the family home.
18: Anna tells Jim that she is going home to Queensland.
19: Jim agrees to let Julie return to the family home.
20: Danny is the victim of an accident when changing a tyre but Max is only interested in Shane’s welfare.

21: Eileen is stunned to learn from Julie Robinson that Daphne is a stripper.
22: Eileen gives Des the news that she has decided to move permanently from Perth to be with him.
23: Scott vows to get to see Kim and help her out financially.
24: Des ends Carol Brown’s hate campaign against Daphne and shocks Eileen by his actions.
25: Paul discovers Carol Brown unconscious in the hallway to her house, No 30.

26: Carol Brown is mugged but in her drunken state wrongly accuses Danny & Scott, who flee from the scene.
27: Jim learns Scott lied to the police to protect Danny and is determined to correct his son’s statement to the police.
28: Jim is stunned when Helen urges him to re look at his life or face being alone in the family.
29: Fearful of being charged with mugging, Danny & Scott decide to run away together to the country.
30: Maria tells Max the truth he always suspected – Danny is not his son.

31: Max tells Maria that their marriage is over.
32: Des punches one of Daphne’s clients at a birthday party.
33: Shane is stunned to learn that his parents are separating.
34: Danny & Scott are unaware that Mrs Forbes' visit from the police is not about them but news that her husband has died.
35: Mrs Forbes, confused, points a shotgun at Danny & Scott.

36: Jim realises Max is sincere in wanting to leave Ramsay Street and move into a place on his own.
37: Scott wonders if he would like to stay permanently working in the country for Mrs Forbes.
38: Shane catches Maria in a compromising position with Nick Burman.
39: Max tells Shane he’s been charged with drink driving.
40: Danny & Scott fear Mrs Forbes has shot herself.

41: Jim & Scott are reunited and lay their problems to rest.
42: Danny & Scott leave the farm and Mrs. Forbes with a future.
43: Danny meets Nick Burman.
44: Danny asks Max if he is the reason why he & Maria split up.
45: Shane asks Maria if Nick was the man she had an affair with years ago.

46: Will Lucy get to keep the stray dog or does it belong to someone already?
47: The Robinson family take Basil the dog home as the newest member of their family.
48: Shane is upset by Danny’s open attitude towards not wanting Max to return home.
49: Des & Paul watch as Greg Arnold receives his just desserts when charged at the police station.
50: Max discovers a baby in his bed-sit.

51: Shane is disappointed when he learns his parents haven’t reunited.
52: Jim lets slip to Shane that Max isn’t Danny’s real father.
53: Shane leaves his family home unable to cope with his parent’s split.
54: Will Max’s resentment towards Maria lead him to love her again or hate her?
55: Kim Taylor returns and reveals shocking news to Scott – She’s pregnant.

. . .

56: Max tells Jim that it is up to Maria not him to tell Danny he is not his father.
57: Max surprises Shane when he tells him that Maria cannot be held totally to blame for her affair.
58: Paul wonders if Scott is the father of Kim’s baby.
59: Maria learns that Max didn’t tell Shane all of the truth about why they separated.
60: Kim seeks comfort in Scott’s arms.

61: Marcia tells Helen that she regards daughter Kim to be dead to her.
62: Danny cons Maria into believing his 16th birthday party will be a quiet affair.
63: Peter Sherwin prepares to ruin Danny’s birthday with alcohol & drugs.
64: Jim tells Maria the news that Danny is in hospital.
65: Maria learns that she has to pay $A5000 in damages.

66: Max blames Danny as Shane leaves his diving past behind him.
67: Daphne receives a phone call for her grandfather Harry Henderson, from a Hollywood film star!
68: Jim tells Helen that he doesn’t want Paul to continue seeing Gloria Slater.
69: Paul finds Emily Slater crying in the Slater’s house front garden.
70: Max tells Terry Inglis that she is sacked because she is an adulteress.

71: Max thinks Shane is sleeping with a married woman.
72: Terry & Shane learn Gordon Miller has escaped prison.
73: Terry receives a note from Gordon saying ‘You’re Dead’.
74: Linda Fielding learns her husband has died.
75: Will Gordon Miller be discovered by Lucy & Daphne hiding in No 28?

76: Will Max take revenge and shoot Gordon Miller?
77: Wendy Gibson kisses a shocked Danny.
78: Julie tells Philip Martin she wants to spend the night with him.
79: Jim, concerned for Julie, arranges to meet Philip.
80: Terry believes Shane lied to her to see another woman.

81: Shane is forced to choose between his parents.
82: Julie meets Philip’s wife Loretta.
83: Des learns that Joan Langdon has two children.
84: Scott loses his wallet at the Coffee Shop.
85: Danny is upset when Maria goes out on a dinner date.

. . .

86: Terry & Daphne realise Des spent the night away from home.
87: Max ruins everyone’s evening and gets a punch on the jaw for it.
88: Julie is in shock after being attacked by Loretta.
89: Scott realises Wendy is as fickle as everyone warned him she was.
90: Philip learns his daughter Debbie has taken a drugs overdose.

91: Jim reverses into neighbour’s son Bernie Sutton while he is riding his bike on the wrong side of the road.
92: The Robinson family learn that Bernie has been killed.
93: Paul & Des make decisions about their futures with Terry & Joan.
94: Jim tells Helen that Lucy’s school has called to tell him there is a problem.
95: Daphne is not happy with the news that Des & Joan are engaged.

96: Maria & Danny learn that No.24 has been burgled.
97: Jim comforts Julie as her break up with Philip becomes overwhelming at Des & Joan’s engagement party.
98: Eileen isn’t too happy when she learns Joan already has two children.
99: Terry tells Paul she is leaving Erinsborough.
100: Paul & Terry announce to the Robinson family that they are engaged to marry.

101: Scott is upset to learn that Paul has asked Shane to be his Best man at the wedding.
102: Richard Morrison asks Maria to spend the weekend away with him.
103: Max realises his hated dog-lover is his dentist.
104: Daphne is offered an interesting property proposition.
105: Joan’s ex-husband Geoff arrives back into her life.

106: Des questions Joan about her feelings towards Geoff.
107: Joan fears that Geoff has snatched her children.
108: Des sobs as he comes to terms with Joan breaking off their engagement.
109: Will Maria have to face the fact that she’ll end up one day choosing between Danny & Richard?
110: Is Daphne’s new home haunted?

111: Daphne corners her ‘ghost’ ready to discover their identity.
112: Eileen tells Des she is moving from her unit, into No 28 to be with him.
113: Why does Helen not want her sister Gwen to be at Paul’s wedding?
114: Maria is confused when she discovers Richard hasn’t booked a seat for her on the flight to Hong Kong.
115: Rachel Burns is shocked to see Daphne’s surprise visitor is her father.

. . .

116: Paul & Terry learn that the house they wanted to buy has fallen through.
117: Daphne steps in to try and sort out the Burn’s family problems.
118: Danny’s stupidity causes an accident.
119: Des asks Daphne to move back into No.28 with him.
120: Max discovers that Jim lied to him to spend the evening with Maria & Richard.

121: Shane’s lie to Daphne & Liz is found out by both of them.
122: Des’s new boss George Young sees Eileen as an alarming sight.
123: Scott phones Danny and begs for his help.
124: Richard asks Maria to move to Hong Kong to be with him.
125: Maria accepts Richard’s offer but can he accept Danny moving with them?

126: Maria tells Max she is considering moving to Hong Kong.
127: Helen is shocked to discover her sister Gwen has arrived.
128: Jim receives a phone call telling him that there is a bomb planted underneath the house.
129: Gwen makes a long-awaited public apology to Helen.
130: Shane’s jealousy of Daphne being with Mark ends with him getting cake in his face.

131: Des catches George at Eileen’s unit without his trousers on.
132: Douglas Blake tells Helen has a proposition for her.
133: Max tells Jim that he believes Douglas is married.
134: Jim is overwhelmed when his mother Bess arrives.
135: Scott is worried when Bess doesn’t wake up from her sleep.

136: Paul’s opinion to marriage matters causes an argument.
137: Paul & Terry settle their marital differences.
138: George is involved in a car accident, which leaves him unconscious.
139: Max feels let down by his son’s selfishness.
140: Danny & Scott discover Bess’s secret that she is dying.

141: Jim & Bess’s relationship develops a rift.
142: Jim ruins Scott’s plan to have a final family dinner for Bess.
143: Daphne sees Sarah at No.28 in her nightdress.
144: Eileen appoints herself as the Ramsay’s housekeeper.
145: Des tells Julie he has some news of a terrible accident.

146: Philip begs Julie to help him and his children.
147: Daphne tells Des that if Sarah doesn’t move out, then she will.
148: Helen discovers that Douglas has cancelled the art exhibition.
149: Charles Durham decides to play along with Terry & Daphne’s ploy.
150: Charles catches Terry in his apartment holding the cassette tape.

151: Max is in trouble with the police over his van.
152: Lucy discovers the hidden tape.
153: Helen tells Jim she may be leaving the Family home.
154: Harry & Wally Walters prepare to gamble the ownership of the Coffee Shop in a game of poker.
155: Has Charles taken revenge by kidnapping Lucy?

156: Daphne tells Terry she is now alone in dealing with Charles.
157: Eileen tells Des she has declined to marry George.
158: Eileen & George learn that they have both booked the same cruise holiday.
159: Distraught, Terry cries in the arms of Shane.
160: Will Shane tell Paul why Scott has accused him of being with Terry.

161: Charles tells Paul he married ‘a tramp’.
162: Terry tells Paul she is pregnant.
163: Is there a real reason for the Robinson family to celebrate Terry’s pregnancy?
164: A car is driven at high speed towards Daphne, as the driver believes she is Terry.
165: Jim tells Helen her wedding was never booked to happen.

166: Terry aims Daphne’s gun at Charles – Will she shoot him?
167: Terry shoots Paul – Jim finds his son wounded and Terry gone.
168: Paul is left feeling bitter and cold towards Terry’s fate.
169: Danny learns Max is not his real father.
170: Daphne asks Des to marry her.