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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 1992

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' eighth season (episodes 1586-1825)

1586: It appears Glen’s injuries will mean he’ll probably never walk again.
1587: Madge learns that Harold’s life insurance policy is worth $A250 000.
1588: Paul learns Glen could sue him and leave him bankrupt.
1589: The spider wanders dangerously close to Dorothy.
1590: Todd learns that his father has only used him in his attempt to hide from the police.

1591: Will Helen and Todd tell the police of Bob’s whereabouts?
1592: Brenda is deeply hurt by her brother Lou’s cruel jokes.
1593: Caroline must choose between doing the right thing and her loyalty towards Paul.
1594: Glen tells Gaby he is calling off their engagement.
1595: Glen discovers Paul’s intentions are only to avoid him being sued and vows to ruin his half brother financially.

1596: Gaby seeks comfort in the arms of Guy.
1597: Toby’s life is in danger at the car lot.
1598: Doug prepares to tell Faye her wedding will not be going ahead.
1599: Paul offers Todd to buy him a car if he alters his evidence and discredit Glen’s court case.
1600: Balancing on the edge of a bridge, Paul contemplates suicide.

1601: Brenda panics at being on the IQ team with Dorothy as her competition.
1602: Toby’s prank has Lou facing his fear of heights.
1603: Toby collides head on with Faye while roller-skating around Ramsay Street.
1604: Paul wins the roulette game at the casino but is mugged of all his winnings.
1605: Paul has a mental breakdown.

1606: Faye reveals she is the new tenant at No.19.
1607: Christina feels guilty at Paul having to be hospitalised.
1608: Glen tells Karen he’d rather have died than become a burden to all around him.
1609: Jim & Gaby learn that Glen has left the hospital and left no forwarding address.
1610: David admits he and sister Beth are in trouble.

. . .

1611: Pam gets caught snooping in Glen’s hospital file.
1612: Will Faye’s meal poison Brenda & Dorothy?
1613: Christina is able to reach Paul through Andrew.
1614: Jim finally receives a letter from Glen.
1615: Lucy is devastated to learn that David already has a girlfriend.

1616: Faye is out to capture Jim as her next husband.
1617: Brad’s drinking causes him to collapse at work.
1618: Phoebe feels she has to stop her love letter reaching Todd.
1619: Brenda’s ex-husband Ray wants her back - What will she decide?
1620: Has Doug’s years of working with asbestos meant he’ll die because of it?

1621: George Bright collapses with a stroke.
1622: Faye tells Pam that Doug married her on the rebound from another relationship.
1623: Lucy provokes Jim enough that he loses his temper with her.
1624: Has Paul been killed in the fire at the hotel?
1625: Jim angers Lucy so much that she wants to move out of home.

1626: Will Helen suffocate on the car’s exhaust fumes?
1627: Lucy is scared Russell is just as insane as Ashley Denton.
1628: Pam warns she’ll divorce Doug if he cheats on her with Alexandra.
1629: Josh learns he has failed his computing exam.
1630: Faye’s scheming pays off - Jim kisses her passionately.

1631: Dorothy and Lucy plot to expose Faye as a fake to Jim.
1632: Will Christina sleep with Marcus Stone to clinch a business deal for Paul?
1633: Todd discovers Phoebe is in love with him.
1634: Garth Kirby asks Pam to help him take his own life.
1635: Lucy & Brad’s car accident results in them driving into the river - Will they escape the sinking car?

1636: Faye can’t believe how easily she has manipulated Lucy - but has she?
1637: Faye finally gets to sleep at No.26 with Jim.
1638: Has Kim kidnapped Andrew?
1639: Todd and Phoebe kiss passionately.
1640: Pam is charged with the murder of Garth Kirby.

1641: Pam sobs at being jailed.
1642: Is Lucy’s new job legal?
1643: Paul announces to Christina that his daughter Amy is coming to stay with them.
1644: Guy realises Caroline set him up to get rid of him.
1645: While reversing in his car, Paul runs into Amy - Is she okay?

1646: Lucy and Gaby compete for a date.
1647: The Willis family are desperate to end Pam’s plight.
1648: Madge & Dorothy battle over guardianship of Toby.
1649: Jim discovers Helen’s valuable painting is missing.
1650: Paul seems to be back to his old self-assured self.

1651: Dorothy has to tell Phoebe that her father has died while undergoing surgery.
1652: Cameron has plans to change Faye’s perfect dinner.
1653: Amy endangers Andrew’s life when she plays with a live grenade.
1654: Has Harold’s ghost come back to haunt No.24?
1655: Has Paul taken the wrong business decision?

1656: Has Madge discovered what is behind No.24’s haunting?
1657: Paul’s deal has put Lassiters and Brad’s life in danger.
1658: Doug & Jim are stranded out in the country.
1659: Has Lucy run over Fluffy the cat while driving Dorothy’s car?
1660: Dorothy fears she has got breast cancer again.

1661: Christina defies Paul and signs herself into managing the Coffee Shop.
1662: Paul is in trouble after agreeing to follow Ray’s wishes.
1663: Gaby & Caroline learn that the boutique shop at Lassiters is in fire.
1664: Brad warns Cameron that the unconscious Walter is a diabetic and his life could be in danger.
1665: Walter Schofield wants to change Brad’s life forever.

1666: Brad appears to see Lucy in a romantic light.
1667: Gaby tells Pam and Faye she may be charged with arson.
1668: Lucy & Beth wage war to win Brad’s affections.
1669: Paul kisses Caroline - another mistake or real passion?
1670: Caroline tells Dorothy she is in love with Paul.

1671: Todd and Phoebe spend the night together.
1672: Faye screams at the intruder in No.19.
1673: Faye learns that she is to be sued over the fire at Lassiters boutique.
1674: Lucy discovers Brad wants to take Beth to the ball.
1675: Paul & Caroline realise their feelings for each other and kiss.

1676: Caroline leaves for Italy - Will Paul tell Christina the truth why?
1677: Brad ruins Walter’s chances of a big business deal.
1678: Faye’s plans to con the insurance assessor fail.
1679: Phoebe fears Todd will abandon her.
1680: Madge’s mistake could end her relationship with Lou.

. . .

1681: Beth is kissed passionately by a stranger in the dark.
1682: Will Gaby’s trolley cause Doug to fall from the ladder?
1683: Brad and Lucy fail to commit to each other.
1684: Will Lucy come to the aid of Christina?
1685: Christina overhears Paul telling Helen he wants to keep something secret from her.

1686: Christina learns of Paul’s infidelity with Caroline - is she prepared to save their marriage now?
1687: Paul discovers Christina’s future plans do not include him.
1688: Lucy tells Brad she wants him out of her life for good.
1689: Beth’s secret is out - she has been proposed marriage.
1690: Pam could ruin Brad’s chances of getting together with Lucy.

1691: Brad sees Lucy kissing Cameron.
1692: Toby believes Dorothy is out to win Lou’s affections.
1693: Will Marco help Paul or Christina in court?
1694: Christina tells Paul she wants to take Andrew and move away.
1695: Jim is shocked to learn that Beth’s fiancé Rod is a much older man.

1696: Beth tells Jim that she will marry Rod despite his objections.
1697: The police threaten to charge Lou with armed robbery.
1698: Has Andrew swallowed the wedding ring?
1699: Brad & Cameron wage war to win Lucy’s affections.
1700: Phoebe tells Todd she is pregnant by him.

1701: Phoebe explains she doesn’t want Todd to be part of her future.
1702: Lucy & Brad decide they want to live together.
1703: Is Rick the Ramsay Street thief?
1704: Toby is revealed to be the Ramsay Street thief.
1705: Will Rick allow bully ‘Boof Head’ push him into stealing too?

1706: Will Doug ruin Jill’s life to secure his own financial security?
1707: Lou’s surprise holiday for Madge is at a nudist camp.
1708: Dorothy tells Phoebe that all her trust fund has been badly invested and all gone.
1709: Brad fears he’ll lose Lucy over the surfboard deal.
1710: Paul believes Cameron has romantic intentions towards Christina and starts a fight.

1711: Paul fears Christina has run off with Andrew.
1712: Lucy plans a disaster free birthday for Brad.
1713: Lucy tells Brad she has landed a modelling job but it is in Singapore.
1714: Lou catches Eric Sheehan kissing Madge.
1715: Phoebe tells Todd she wants to have an abortion.

1716: Brad tries too hard at work and it all goes horribly wrong.
1717: Will Gaby choose Zed or Simon to go out with?
1718: Brad tells Lucy he is going to Singapore with her.
1719: Lucy leaves for Singapore but not before her & Brad is reunited for one last time.
1720: Trying to stop Phoebe’s abortion, Todd is run over by a van while crossing the road.

. . .

1721: The death of Todd Landers.
1722: Todd’s ghost says a final farewell to Phoebe.
1723: What is Jacqueline’s secret that is keeping Cameron from being intimate with her?
1724: Christina believes Paul has betrayed their marriage again.
1725: At Todd’s funeral, Bob Landers takes Helen hostage to escape the police.

1726: Cameron prepares to see Jacqueline again, even though she has been arrested.
1727: Julie causes Philip to lose a job for her own gains.
1728: Brad’s photo shoot ends in Rick replacing Brad as the model.
1729: Lou takes on the challenge to conquer his fear of heights.
1730: Doug races off to confront Simon over his assault on Gaby.

1731: Will Gaby choose to accuse Simon or watch Doug lose his business?
1732: It appears Rick has run away from his family.
1733: Philip and Julie learn that Benito has got the job to manage Paul’s business.
1734: Bob Landers returns and holds Phoebe at gunpoint.
1735: Will Pam discover Phoebe is being held at gunpoint at No.30?

1736: Dorothy warns Bob that he won’t be able to bluff his way past her.
1737: Doug and Pam hear a gun shot from No.30.
1738: Debbie & Hannah have problems settling into city life.
1739: Cathy begs Benito to express some love to their sons.
1740: Will the jury find Jacqueline guilty?

1741: Jacqueline’s letter to Cameron explains she is ending their relationship.
1742: Phoebe warns about the curse of the crystal ball.
1743: Lou could face a prison sentence over selling the stolen cars.
1744: Debbie takes revenge on Rick at Julie’s dinner party.
1745: Have Doug & Gaby ruined their careers over Benito?

1746: Hannah is approached by a stranger in a car.
1747: Will Dorothy hear Rick & Debbie’s book review?
1748: Did Lou’s mind powers cause Jim to fall from his bike?
1749: Wendy warns Brad, Marco & Beth about a dead body she’s seen.
1750: Hannah hides from the family the fact that Raymond Chambers is the man who approached her.

1751: Phoebe slips and falls to the floor - has she hurt the baby?
1752: The police take Raymond away - Will Hannah be okay?
1753: Will Dorothy believe Rick & Debbie about the bomb threat?
1754: Will Doug sack Beth to ensure work resumes on the building site?
1755: Cathy tells Benito she wants to have another baby.

1756: Benito reveals to Cathy he had a vasectomy without her knowledge just after Rick was born.
1757: Has Hannah been kidnapped by Raymond Chambers?
1758: Philip learns that Cameron will be representing Raymond in court.
1759: Will the caller on the advice line turn suicidal?
1760: Pam fears Jim is having a heart attack.

. . .

1761: Will Cathy & Benito tell Marco their secret from their past?
1762: Marco tells Rick he is determined to find their sister.
1763: Jim collapses - Is this the heart attack everyone had been predicting?
1764: Debbie’s secret admirer causes her and Rick to split up.
1765: Raymond Chambers’ ex-wife arrives with startling news.

1766: Doug tricks Gaby into believing she can win the race.
1767: Helen and Pam are told Jim had a heart attack while in surgery.
1768: Cathy tells Benito that tests results have shown she cannot conceive children anymore.
1769: Cameron is upset at getting Raymond acquitted in court.
1770: Beth tells Brad that she wants to lose her virginity with him.

1771: Marco tells Cathy and Benito he’s found their daughter.
1772: Brad and Beth kiss passionately.
1773: It appears Rick has given Colette a passionate farewell.
1774: Raymond threatens to physically hurt Toby.
1775: Helen is found positive when given a drink driving breathalyser test.

1776: Gaby rebels against Doug’s plan to get Zed out of her life.
1777: Marco discredits Brad to win Beth’s affections.
1778: Michael tells Julie he wants her out of his family’s lives.
1779: Dorothy & Helen prepare to spend the night in jail for contempt of court.
1780: Jill plots to seduce Doug.

1781: Will Beth finally talk to Brad about her feelings for him?
1782: Michael accuses Julie of killing his mother.
1783: Very ill, Beth collapses into Cameron’s arms.
1784: Pam forces Gaby to either remain in the house or make good her threat and move out.
1785: Marco reveals his dinner guest is actually Cathy & Benito’s daughter.

1786: Phoebe weeps openly at Todd’s graveside.
1787: Will Rick accept Michael’s opportunity for him to cheat at an exam?
1788: Doug becomes suspicious of Pam after she deceives him.
1789: Brad catches Toby making a racing bet on the phone.
1790: Doug believes Pam is cheating on him with Jim - Will he sleep with Jill as revenge?

1791: Dorothy tells Jim and Helen she is worried about Phoebe mental state.
1792: Michael spikes Hannah’s orange juice with alcohol.
1793: Julie tells Philip that either Michael leaves or their marriage is over.
1794: Doug threatens Jill to stay away from him & Pam.
1795: Dorothy reveals to Phoebe she is going to resign as Erinsborough High principal.

1796: Cathy is offered the chance of becoming very rich.
1797: Jill puts her plan into action and moves into No.28.
1798: Rick’s plan to dominate Mr. Knotts at school goes horribly wrong.
1799: Madge announces she wants to move to Queensland.
1800: Has Brad been bitten by a shark?

1801: Cathy tells a shocked Benito that she wants to donate all her royalties to charity.
1802: Brad turns violent and punches Mick Cooper.
1803: Madge goes to hire a girl from an escort agency.
1804: Rick tells Debbie he may of lost his chance of going to London.
1805: Cathy learns Marco has embezzled $A4,000.

1806: Doug is shocked when he discovers Jill is living in No.28.
1807: Mick blackmails Beth to have sex with him to save Brad.
1808: Lou learns Madge hired Rhonda to test his fidelity.
1809: Jill phones Doug - she’s taken a drug overdose.
1810: Cathy is threatened by a thug looking for Marco.

1811: Jim & Pam kiss passionately.
1812: Rick discovers that Marco has run away and has no intention of returning.
1813: Rick & Debbie are harassed by a gang while staying in London.
1814: Jill threatens to commit suicide if Doug rejects her.
1815: Stephen Gottlieb asks Phoebe to marry him.

1816: Percy Slade sets out to put an end to Cameron’s snooping.
1817: Has Brad had an accident on Cameron’s motorbike?
1818: Gaby catches Pam & Jim kissing.
1819: Madge is locked in The Waterhole - Will she miss her own leaving party?
1820: Julie discovers that Debbie is in London.

1821: A feud between Rick & Debbie’s parents cause them to split up too.
1822: Cathy arrives home to find the house has been ransacked.
1823: Julie tells Pam she has only got herself to blame for the breakdown in her marriage.
1824: Gaby is dismayed to learn that Brad is her new boss.
1825: Will Hannah & Beth be rescued from the house fire?

. . .