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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 1997

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' thirteenth season (episodes 2771-2995)

2771: Philip & Ruth seem to be unable to sort their differences out.
2772: Billy & Toadieís friendship goes from bad to worse.
2773: Catherine has a plan to get rid of Vince, No.30ís unwanted housemate.
2774: Toadie believes everyone wants to get him to leave Erinsborough.
2775: Billy & Toadieís friendship reaches a new low point.

2776: Is Billy & Toadieís friendship beyond saving?
2777: Lou doesnít want to become a silent partner in his new business venture.
2778: Lance tells Anne heís not sorry despite apologising to Susan.
2779: Anne accuses Lance of writing the graffiti about Susan.
2780: Philip reminds Debbie she is gambling with Helenís money running the coffee shop.

. . .

2781: Toadie smashes a vase inherited by Susan from her mother.
2782: Susan & Karl confront Toadie with the fake vase.
2783: Madge tells Helen she fears what Claudia Harvey could do to her relationship with Harold.
2784: Anne & Hannah plan to bunk off school to go shopping.
2785: Claudia continues to act very strangely over the broken plate.

2786: Catherine admits to Sarah sheís attracted to Darren.
2787: Susan wonít compromise her loyalty to the school even for her friendship with Philip & Ruth.
2788: Debbie warns Philip to stay out of her life!
2789: Toadie reckons Ruthís new TV from Lou is stolen goods.
2790: The police ask questions about Louís cut-price TVís.

2791: Lou catches up with Toadie to confront him about the gossip circulating about the TVís.
2792: Hannah is upset by Susanís involvement in her life and vows revenge.
2793: Darren & Catherine continue to hide their attraction for each other to one another.
2794: Marlene sees Darren kissing Catherine.
2795: Will Malcolm accept Catherineís apology and take her back?

2796: Malcolm punches Darren after learning how his friend betrayed him.
2797: Harold receives a present from Lou - Kandi the belly dancer.
2798: Malcolm tells Karl & Susan he wants to go overseas to live in London.
2799: Justin warns Billy to stay away from Anne.
2800: Billy tells Anne he likes her more than just a friend.

2801: Justin accuses Billy of damaging his car and threatens revenge.
2802: Toadie & Lanceís caricature of Lisa is ready for school circulation.
2803: Philip & Ruth argue over Billy & Anneís relationship.
2804: Libby sees Catherine and Darren having dinner and resigns herself to the fact she & Darren will never get back together.
2805: Darren desperate to win Libby back asks her to marry him.

2806: Anne sees Billy in a compromising position and believes the worst.
2807: Billy & Anne kiss.
2808: Toadie warns Tim to stay away from Susan.
2809: Lisa is furious when she believes Lance & Hannah took her bike as further torment.
2810: Philip & Ruthís romantic liaison in the car is discovered by local police.

. . .

2811: Tim tries to kiss Susan.
2812: Tim tells Susan he loves her.
2813: Will Anne hand in the essay she copied from Billy?
2814: Anne is faced in class with the revelation about the essay is a copy of Billyís.
2815: Anne gets Billy to forge her motherís signature on her report from school.

2816: Karl confronts Tim over his infatuation with Susan.
2817: Will Susan convince Tim to return to Ramsay Street?
2818: Toadie tells Lance to trust him as having a pool party at No.30 could end friendships.
2819: Debbie believes Darren has stolen an $A50 note from the Coffee Shop till.
2820: Joanna confronts Lance & Toadie over her letters being made public knowledge.

2821: Billy worries about the rumours of Tim & Susanís relationship.
2822: Karl tells Susan that she must let Tim leave.
2823: Philip over reacts with his allergy rash and wants Ruth to stay away believing she may be the cause.
2824: Debbie begins to feel guilty when she bullies Darren continually.
2825: Ruth tells Philip commitment to her means all or nothing.

2826: Billy calls Anne the name Melissa by mistake. Anne is furious!
2827: Anne is scared when Billy wants to meet up with ex-girlfriend Melissa.
2828: Why is Ben Atkins so keen to move into Ramsay Street and be so close to No.32?
2829: Karl warns Philip that Hannahís stories about Susan & Tim are liable and could land him in court if Hannah continues.
2830: Why is Ben so keen to have lunch with the Wilkinsonís?

2831: Anne is unsure of accepting a lift from Ben after Ruth forbid her to do so.
2832: Ruthís fury over Ben and her kids defiance forces her to tell Ben to stay away from her family.
2833: Toadie tells Libby and Billy he has another scheme that guarantees to make him money.
2834: The police catch Toadie begging for money and using Louise as bait.
2835: Will Debbie give Darren a second chance after his confessions?

. . .

2836: Billy believes Anne may have dumped him to be with Ben.
2837: Toadie & Rebecca kiss.
2839: Anne is upset as she feels Ben doesnít find her attractive due to her being so much younger than he.
2840: Karl is exasperated by Marleneís recruitment techniques and orders her to leave the surgery.

2841: Ben admits to Anne that Ruth is his mother.
2842: Philip learns the truth that Ruth is Benís mother.
2843: Ruth tells Susan sheís worried Lance & Anne will reject her.
2844: Anne tells Ruth sheíll never trust her again over keeping Ben a secret.
2845: Helen tells Ruth she has to accept that to move on she has to make difficult choices.

2846: Rohan tells Libby to leave him alone!
2847: Libby starts to see Rohanís vulnerabilities.
2848: Darren makes a pass at Debbie but it freaks Debbie out.
2849: Billy mistakenly reveals to Rebecca that Toadie is still at school.
2850: Anne thinks Billy is childish at being so hard on Karl & Susan on his birthday.

2851: Libby tells Rohan he has to accept that he is blind.
2852: Ruth and Anne continue to battle with Lance stuck in the middle.
2853: Anne decides she wants to move out of Ramsay Street and go back to living with her dad.
2854: Darren isnít pleased his romantic dinner with Debbie now has Helen joining them.
2855: Helen warns Philip she is determined to keep her independence or she considers leaving No.26.

2856: Rohan tells Lou he intends to go back home and live with his mother.
2857: While out walking in the country with Rohan, Libby slips and falls off the side of a cliff edge.
2858: Ben reluctantly agrees to let Lance train to box in his home gym.
2859: Lance tells Ben he wants to take up boxing seriously.
2860: Lance informs his mother he has no intention of quitting kickboxing after feeling Ben betrayed him to Ruth.

2861: Susan catches the Flying Fox team out, putting an end to their latest scam.
2862: Hannah hurts her wrist when the Flying Fox seat snaps and she falls to the ground.
2863: Libby fears for Rohan when his depression deepens over his blindness.
2864: Darren tells Debbie if she wonít trust him being around Libby then their relationship is over.
2865: Debbie now feels justified in challenging Darren over his feelings towards Libby.

2866: Libby wants Rohan to tell her his feelings for her after she confesses she could be in love with him.
2867: Lou isnít happy when Marlene tries to save his bus business despite having no clients.
2868: Toadie, Hannah & Billy are signed up to the debating team as a plan to get time away from home.
2869: Lanceís first kickboxing match has him facing someone twice his size to fight.
2870: Billy & Anne spar against each other as they prepare for the debate at school.

2871: Lanceís interest in car mechanics ends with Ruthís car engine bellowing smoke.
2872: Louís apology only worsens how Helen feels about never being able to paint again.
2873: Billy plays a mugging prank to prove his debating point to Anne. She is furious.
2874: Karl comforts Susan after she learns the medical tests prove she cannot have more children.
2875: Susan tells Karl despite possible complications she still wants another baby.

2876: Libby kisses Rohan to prove she is no longer attracted to Darren.
2877: Lisa feels guilty about losing the netball match but Lou saves the day.
2878: Ruth & Philipís children are less than happy to go on a camping weekend.
2879: Jamie Lee holds Helen hostage at No.26.
2880: A snake has found its way into a rucksack and is brought back into No.32 from the camping trip.

2881: Will Ruth break the law and kill the endangered snake to end everyoneís fear of it?
2882: Lance sees the snake crawling over Anneís sleeping bag while she sleeps.
2883: Hannah and Anne tell Libby they saw Rohan kissing Sarah.
2884: Lou tells Helen she has to realise Jamie Lee is only there to con her.
2885: Ben sees Louís bus is on fire.

2886: The police suspect Lou of arson and burning the house bus himself.
2887: Lou is asked by the police to answer some questions about the bus fire.
2888: Ruth fears how far Billy & Anneís relationship has gone.
2889: The horse that Billy is riding off gallops off.
2890: At the ranch, Billy is caught in a compromising position in Anneís bedroom.

2891: Ruth wants to stop Anne seeing Billy by them moving away from Ramsay Street.
2892: Darren climbs out of the hotel lift - but then the lift starts moving again.
2893: Lou wants Marlene to move out after he feels she thinks he may have started the bus fire.
2894: Lance & Amy kiss. Is it more than just a flirtation?
2895: Lance learns that Amy may dump him if her friends do not like him.

. . .

2896: Susan confronts Lisa over not marking her students work fairly.
2897: Ruth is angry when sheís told Lance wants to move in with Ben.
2898: Darren is not happy with Martin spending time with Libby.
2899: While out fishing, Karl, Lou & Philip are stranded in a boat.
2900: Susan fears Karl has drowned.

2901: Anne is upset with Lance for taking Amyís side in the argument.
2902: Anne feels betrayed by Lance & Amy when no one confesses to Susan about their involvement in the prank.
2903: Harold takes up Darrenís offer to get some help from an ex-prison inmate with tuba lessons.
2904: Ben believes he has one last chance at romance with Lisa.
2905: Lou gives Ben the chance to be a part of his plans to venture into car mechanics.

2906: To Sarahís horror, Bob the dog has wrecked No.30ís lounge.
2907: Does Amy think more of her friends than her relationship with Lance?
2908: Lou & Marlene both want No.22 to be able to entertain their blind dates.
2909: Libby believes Darren staged the car breaking down to get her alone.
2910: Karl tells Billy & Toadie heís the boundary umpire at their cricket match.

2911: Billy resents Karl more when the team lose the cricket match.
2912: Debbie is told she will have to close the Coffee Shop by the EHO until the source of the food poisoning is found.
2913: Madge must face telling Harold she doesnít want to move back to Erinsborough permanently.
2914: Ben refuses to work for Lou believing his offer to work on vintage cars is another scam.
2915: Lance is caught when he & Toadie try to repair the damage done at the garden centre.

2916: Darren holds onto Libby after a ladder falls leaving her dangling from the Uni rooftop.
2917: Furious at her parentís interference, Libby tells them sheís moving out.
2918: Libby kisses Darren on the cheek. Are they becoming more than friends again?
2919: Toadie is furious to learn Billy has got the job he wanted as swimming pool attendant.
2920: Anne tells Billy she wants him to be her subject for her nude drawing.

2921: Harold is shocked when he sees Billy naked in Anneís company and jumps to the wrong conclusion.
2922: Billy cannot believe Anne has taken artistic licence and drawn him as if he was completely naked.
2923: Darren wants revenge on the graffiti artist who damaged Cherylís gravestone.
2924: Ben dances with Angela Quinton.
2925: Amy feels betrayed by Lance and her notes making him look elsewhere.

2926: Amy finishes her relationship with Lance.
2927: Ben learns that Angela has dumped him.
2928: Harold falls to the floor after being electrocuted by the jukebox.
2929: Lou convinces Libby that Darren really is looking to move away to live in Byron bay.
2930: Madge & Debbie prepare to battle over the lunch cart.

2931: Darren & Libby lose Louise in the park.
2932: Darren & Libby kiss.
2933: Billy learns that Anneís picture of him is to go on public view.
2934: Billy agrees to let Anne put her picture of him on public view.
2935: Will Anne go ahead and reveal her nude portrait of Billy?

2936: Anne & Billy go swimming after hours at the pool. They are caught on camera surveillance.
2937: Hannah feels Claire has taken Jack away from her.
2938: matt uncovers that the engine Matt has acquired is a stolen one.
2939: Matt & Sarah kiss.
2940: Susan encourages Libby to try and stop Darren from leaving.

2941: Hannah doubts pretending to Jack she is 16 is a good way to win his affections.
2942: matt is overwhelmed when he sees how beautiful Sarah looks.
2943: Toadie warns Billy to win back Anne he must woo her.
2944: Billy is in the path of an oncoming car driven by Anne. Will he get out of the way in time?
2945: Billy tells Anne he really wants them to get back together again.

2946: Hannah refuses to obey Philipís wishes and return her TV she bought out of her jukebox earnings.
2947: Amy is not impressed with Lanceís present celebrating their one-month anniversary.
2948: The party at No.32 results in Toadie knocking a hole in a wall.
2949: Karl demands to know how much trouble Libby is in at University.
2950: There is a terrible accident at the racetrack involving Ben.

2951: Matt asks Sarah to move in with him but it will mean moving to Port Campbell.
2952: Sarah wants to stay but will Matt do the same or move away and end their relationship.
2953: Hannah is shocked when Philip tells her she needs to pay tax on the jukebox takings. She has spent all her earnings.
2954: Amy asks Lance to ask Ruth if she can sleep over at his house.
2955: Ruth agrees to Billy & Amy sleeping over at No.32.

. . .

2956: Will Anne & Lance kiss each other to win the competition?
2957: Will Marlene accept Georgeís proposal to travel around Europe with him?
2958: Hannah takes the blame from Claire over the food.
2959: Sarah sees a ring Matt has bought her - is he about to propose to her?
2960: How long will Caitlin & Anneís truce last now Caitlin is staying on?

2961: Caitlin tells Anne that Billy will break up their relationship.
2962: Anne sees Billy hugging Caitlin.
2963: Susan tells Karl that he has been offered a job but it will mean leaving Erinsborough.
2964: Susan threatens suspension to Lance & Amy after the sabotage of the newsletter.
2965: The death of Helen Daniels.

. . .

2966: Hannah and Claire are trapped in Louís car workshop.
2967: Will Toadie catch Jacintaís confession on videotape?
2968: Susan tells Karl she wants to apply for a teaching job in the country.
2969: Caitlin tells Ben she does not want him to tell her what to do.
2970: James asks Anne out on a date.

2971: Billy wakes up after dreaming of Caitlin.
2972: Ben demands to know where Caitlin has been all night!
2973: Hannah tells Philip that Helenís death makes her feel she can no longer go on living at No.26.
2974: Chasing possums out of the house, Darren falls from the ladder.
2975: Did Toadie set up the school prank that put so many of the pupils in danger?

2976: Toadie admits to Karl he did pull the prank at school.
2977: Ben has a crisis of confidence and feels he isnít good enough to race again.
2978: Philip & Ruth have a romantic reconciliation.
2979: Billy seems jealous of seeing Caitlin being romanced by James. Anne is suspicious.
2980: Karl & Susan confront Lance & Billy, demanding to know where Toadie is.

2981: Sondra tells Darren he has to go as her dinner date or sheíll cause him to lose his job with her father.
2982: Susan and Karl finally track Toadie down at the exam hall.
2983: Billy confesses to Toadie heís in love with both Anne & Caitlin.
2984: Caitlin is excited when Toadie reveals Billy is in love with her.
2985: Will Billy try out to win a place in the swimming tournament against Anneís wishes?

2986: Everyone watches Ben race. Will he win?
2987: Libby warns Karl if he pushes Susan any further he risks his marriage.
2988: Sondra tells Darren she will have him fall in love with her.
2989: Anne wants to know from Toadie if she should be worried about Caitlin & Billy being together.
2990: Philip wants answers from Hannah and Mikeís about the real reason behind his arrival.

2991: Lance feels humiliated as he hobbles off the cricket pitch with Ruth to support him.
2992: Philip uncovers Paul has run away.
2993: Anne is upset as Billy travels off to the Sydney swimming tournament.
2994: Toadie urges Anne to go to Sydney
2995: Ben crashes his car at the racing circuit and is trapped as it catches fire.

. . .