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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 1999

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' fifteenth season (episodes 3221-3445)

3221: Joel is unaware of how Drew and Sally are attracted towards each other.
3222: Joel is distraught at possibly losing his job over a newspaper article.
3223: Should Sarah act to save a patientís life or go for help?
3224: Tad believes his mother doesn't want him to move back home again.
3225: Will Philip save lance from the bees that he's allergic to?

. . .

3226: Joel tries to use his leg but falls to the floor.
3227: Susan catches Bill & Anne in a compromising position.
3228: Libby sees Mike driving off with Victoria - why hasn't he told her?
3229: Paul and Tad capture Lou the goose and earn SA10.
3230: Karl comforts Sarah after she loses her nursing job.

3231: Libby loses sight of Sasha while out shopping with her.
3232: Will Anne be convinced to fight for Lily's house?
3233: Joel must accept he needs physiotherapy or risk never being able to run again.
3234: Philip commits 'road rage' - Lance is shocked.
3235: Sarah wants Tad to move out when she discovers he has posted lewd photos of her on the internet.

3236: The neighbours learn that Bess O'Brien is Sarah's mother.
3237: Harold suspects the worst when he learns Leo McClain has been at the pub.
3238: Lou discovers the statue he bought for the Kennedy's is not as prized a possession as he thought.
3239: Bill & Anne agree she must accept the chance to go to university in Queensland.
3240: Amy explains the boys must remove all their clothes for the Full Monty strip.

3241: Karl punches Stevie - but will he regret his actions later?
3242: Will Madge tell Harold his and Lou's pumpkins have been smashed?
3243: Leo tells Paul he has to start trusting people.
3244: Libby tells Mike she feels like ending their relationship over the pressure it is putting on her.
3245: The boys do the Full Monty.

. . .

3246: Lou learns he may lose his licence over the Full Monty routine.
3247: To win the chance go going to Queensland, Bill must kiss Amy.
3248: Has Tad broken his arm while trying to impress Allie?
3249: Bess is upset when Sarah tells her she wasn't there for her when she was growing up.
3250: Libby is unaware that Drew is in love with her.

3251: Anne's prediction of Lance being injured may have become true.
3252: Jade tells Paul about Hannah having a boyfriend in Paris.
3253: Susan reverses his car and hits Sarah's dog Bob.
3254: Sarah's nightmare holiday at the co-operative ends in her actually having fun.
3255: Drew sees Mike kiss Victoria - Mike realises he has been seen.

3256: Anne & Bill are caught skinny-dipping in the sea.
3257: Amy reveals to her shocked friends that she is going to train to become a flight attendant.
3258: Paul & Jade catch onto Tad's ploy to get himself alone with her.
3259: Libby watches as Drew punches Mike.
3260: Karl makes Libby consider that Drew is telling the truth over Mike's infidelity.

3261: Amy asks Lance about the origin of a piece of jewellery he now has.
3262: Bill watches as Anne's plane leaves for Queensland.
3263: While out walking, Ruth gets her foot caught between some rocks.
3264: Bess locks herself and Lou in his office, telling him she wants to be alone with him.
3265: Libby wants Mike to show he is committed to her and divorce Victoria.

3266: Will Libby take Mike back now he has produced divorce papers?
3267: Will Anne sell her house to Gary?
3268: Lance believes he will only ever find happiness with Amy.
3269: Will Lou outbid Portia to buy No.30?
3270: Drew wants to leave Erinsborough over his feelings for Libby. Will he tell her his true feelings?

3271: Mike and Libby are shocked when Sasha reveals Victoria is pregnant.
3272: Libby distraught at Mike's betrayal throws him out of No.28.
3273: Anne's first night waitressing ends in disaster.
3274: Libby's grief over Mike brings her and Karl closer.
3275: Tad is suspected of stealing Lou's last $A200 by Toadie & Sarah.

3276: Lou asks Drew to stay on - will he?
3277: Will Lance help Amy to pass her flight attendant training?
3278: Will Paul tell Jade that he's seeing both her and Hannah?
3279: Ruth is upset with Philip's emails about her.
3280: Susan and Ruth discover a car accident that has involved Craig Pinders.

3281: Karl mistakes Sarah for Susan and kisses her. What will Susan say?
3282: Lance pretends he feels nothing when Amy reveals she is seeing Damien.
3283: Philip asks Ruth why she has been lying to him.
3284: Paul explains he wants to go and live with his father.
3285: Drew tells Toadie the car involved in Craig's accident matches his own car's description.

3286: Toadie is charged by the police for causing Craig's car accident.
3287: Bill sees Vicenzo kiss Anne on the cheek and becomes jealous.
3288: Both Jade & Hannah want Paul to explain which of them he is seeing.
3289: Philip asks Ruth to explain why she's acting so secretly and lying to him.
3290: Craig confirms to Sarah it was Toadie's car that ran him off the road.

3291: Craig accuses Toadie of being the one who forced his car off the road and causing the car crash.
3292: Toadie calls his mother and tells her he needs her help.
3293: Will Hannah reveal to Philip she's seen Ruth with another man?
3294: Hannah tells Ruth they'll never be a family without trust.
3295: No one is pleased when Geri wants to move into No.30.

3296: There is a witness who remembers Toadie wasn't the driver in the car that caused the car accident.
3297: Sarah feels uncomfortable at Karl & Susan's blatant happiness.
3298: Madge & Harold display to Paul how upset they are over him leaving them.
3299: Karl isn't happy when Bill and his father arrive home drunk by police escort.
3300: Lance creates a burglary at No.26 to fund his gambling addiction.

3301: Guilt makes Lance prepared to admit to Ruth he has a gambling addiction.
3302: Lance admits to Amy he faked the burglary and stole Ruth's watch.
3303: Tad is sworn to tell nothing but the truth for three days.
3304: Peter Hannay arrives and Sarah is immediately attracted towards him.
3305: Peter cancels his date with Sarah - Is he not interested in her?

3306: Lance admits to Ruth and Philip he faked the burglary.
3307: Libby questions if Drew has more than just feelings of friendship towards her.
3308: Susan is furious when Karl implies he would prefer to be free and single and free of family commitments.
3309: Paul is caught by Madge & Harold after going out clubbing.
3310: Drew is thrown from his rodeo horse - Is he okay?

3311: Drew admits to his father he loves Libby but fears she only sees him as a brotherly figure.
3312: Drew is adamant he wants to sleep in a chair when Libby offers to share a bed with him when they have to share a motel room.
3313: Bill angrily tells Karl to leave him alone at work.
3314: Peter forces Sarah to do last minute revision for her exams.
3315: Will Peter stay now he's admitted to Sarah he is in love with her?

3316: Peter asks Sarah to marry him.
3317: Lance is upset when Anne suspects he has stolen the missing $A50 note.
3318: Paul believes Tad is trying to steal Hannah from him.
3319: Will Toadie tell Tad what he and his mother were talking about?
3320: Tad is deeply hurt about his parents' separation.

3321: Libby tells a stunned Drew that Mike has asked her out to dinner.
3322: Philip discovers Hannah has sneaked out of the house through her bedroom window at night.
3323: Anne tells Bill she's decided to rent out Lily's house.
3324: Peter suspects there is a history between Sarah, Karl & Susan.
3325: peter asks Sarah if Karl was the last big love she has spoken about.

3326: Karl is upset about Sarah marrying Peter.
3327: Sarah puts on a brave face in front of Susan.
3328: Harold is not amused to see Paul & Hannah's posters all over Lassiters.
3329: Amy is jealous of Lance spending time with Julia.
3330: Amy is upset when Lance decides not to join her to go out clubbing.

3331: Sarah explains to Toadie she doubts if she can marry Peter when she is still in love with Karl.
3332: Drew confesses to Libby he's in love with her.
3333: The concert organised by Tad ends before it has begun when the hired amplifiers blow.
3334: Amy is jealous of Lance seeing Megan.
3335: Bill reads Anne's diary.

3336: Tad vows to bring Sarah and Peter back together.
3337: Will Sarah stop Peter before he leaves for Amsterdam?
3338: Lance gets romantic with Megan - but is he being stalked by Amy?
3339: Amy warns Lance about Megan but he wants to finish their friendship.
3340: Ruth learns Joel has been training, intending to run in the triathlon.

3341: Libby isn't happy when Sarah tells her it's clear that she and Drew are in love with each other.
3342: Damien ends his relationship with Amy after finding out she lied to him and her friends.
3343: Will Hannah and Paul tell Karl they've snapped the tape he has of his songs he recorded in 1973?
3344: Madge believes she's won the lottery - but Harold has forgotten to buy the ticket.
3345: Sarah & Peter stay indoors to be together rather than get involved in pre-wedding parties.

3346: Karl & Sarah are left alone on the day of her wedding.
3347: Despite Sarah now married and overseas, Susan has a sleepless night over the legacy left behind.
3348: Hannah discovers Bill reading Anne's diary.
3349: Harold confronts Madge over her persuading Susan not to give him the school patrol job.
3350: Amy tells Joel he must face the fact he is not fit enough to take part in the triathlon.

3351: Is Libby really upset at Drew and Geri being together?
3352: Amy runs off when Lance has to kiss her at the 'Single & Suffering' ball.
3353: Paul asks Hannah why she is still emailing Pascale in France.
3354: Paul angrily tells Harold he's an embarrassment.
3355: Susan tells Karl he must admit his feelings for Sarah.

3356: Will Joel tell Drew that Geri realises he has feelings for Libby?
3357: Amy learns Megan only is seeing Lance to win an $A10 bet.
3358: Bill questions Anne if she has feelings for Fanto.
3359: Harold's life is in danger when he collapses in the road.
3360: Drew asks Geri to come back to No.22 with him.

3361: Bill & Anne's argument ends with Anne getting a cut above her eye.
3362: Toadie agrees to take Amy to see Lance at his hiding place.
3363: Will Amy agree to spend the night out with Lance, camping in the country?
3364: Are Susan and Martin attracted to each other?
3365: Philip warns Lou he may be involved in a tax swindle.

3366: Bill & Susan arrive at the workshop to find it has been burgled.
3367: Libby tolerates having to work alongside Geri with her and Drew.
3368: Amy's plan to secure the tenancy at No.30 backfires - Has Lance got the room?
3369: Harold tells Lou he'll sue him over the misuse of the weed killer.
3370: Susan is caught with Martin by Ruth and Philip.

3371: Susan questions Libby's wish to move away is really down to wanting to get away from Drew.
3372: Martin makes Susan suspicious that he has feelings for her.
3373: Has Tad got a crush on Susan?
3374: Lou confesses to Harold he's worried he'll lose his entire livelihood to the tax man.
3375: Both Libby and Drew refuse to admit their feelings for each other.

3376: Geri tells Drew their relationship is a farce.
3377: Drew kisses Libby.
3378: Martin tells Susan he loves her. Before she can respond, Karl arrives home.
3379: Joel explains he will take part in the triathlon.
3380: Amy & Lance vow revenge on Toadie & Joel for treating them as slaves.

3381: Will Amy & Lance be reunited?
3382: Lance tells Bill he could be held by the police as an accessory to fraud.
3383: Martin vows to Susan he'll leave her alone if she tells him she is truly happy with Karl.
3384: Lou tells Philip their friendship and business relationship is finished.
3385: Teabag wants excitement by smashing Grease Monkeys windows.

3386: Tad takes out his embarrassment over Susan on his BMX bike.
3387: A masked intruder threatens Madge at the Coffee Shop.
3388: Will Susan tell Karl about her and Martin?
3389: Will Karl accept seeing a counsellor to save his marriage?
3390: Hannah refuses to accept she has to move to Darwin with Philip & Ruth.

3391: Hannah is not impressed with her new housemates or house.
3392: Will Bill protect Maurie after it appears poor safety precautions caused Sam to fall?
3393: Susan explains to Karl that they will have to fight to save their marriage.
3394: Susan & Karl are hurt by their betrayals with Martin & Sarah.
3395: Libby takes incriminating photos despite them implicating Bill.

. . .

3396: Bill tells Anne he loves her and wants her back - will she agree?
3397: The police tell Susan and Libby there's a connection between Karl disappearing and a crime taking place.
3398: Susan & Karl take their first step towards reconciliation.
3399: Joel tells Amy he has feelings for her and kisses her.
3400: Will Paul and Teabag get into a fight?

3401: Bill realises Maurie is bribing him. with extra work to keep his silence over Sam's fall.
3402: Lance uses emotional blackmail to keep Amy quiet about him gambling again.
3403: Joel debates whether to accept Natalie's drink date - Toadie encourages him to do it!
3404: Madge is scared by a prowler.
3405: Will Paul punch Teabag?

3406: Joel is upset to see Natalie kiss a younger man.
3407: Bill's day goes from bad to worse when he sees Anne with Fanto.
3408: Amy tells Lance she refuses to give up her pyramid selling.
3409: Susan vows to find the owner of the pirate video tape - Tad is worried.
3410: Paul & Tad have given Harold their 'video nasty' by mistake.

3411: Paul's secret admirer is Hannah's best friend Allie Bentley.
3412: Drew has become part owner of Carpenters Mechanics but it means he can no longer go to Africa with Libby.
3413: Bill refuses to have anything more to do with Anne.
3414: Ruth's ploy to reunite Lou & Philip in friendship gets past stage one.
3415: Charlie wants to stay with Toadie at No.30.

3416: The police arrest Paul & Tad when things go wrong getting revenge on Teabag.
3417: Joel is warned to stay away from Natalie by her son Liam.
3418: The neighbours take great interest as the Scully family move into No.26.
3419: Bill acting childishly as he steals love letters he sent to Anne.
3420: Bill tells Anne he wants to travel overseas with her.

. . .

3421: Anne cannot believe it when Fanto wants her to stop seeing Lance & Amy.
3422: Will Paul succumb to Michelle's threat to expose Tad's secret crush if he doesn't go out with her?
3423: Madge & Harold are horrified when bikers arrive outside No.26.
3424: Charlie tells Toadie she loves him - Is it all moving too fast for him?
3425: Toadie will move out of No.30 if Charlie cannot move in.

3426: Lance wants to hurt Fanto for wanting to paint Anne naked.
3427: Lance & Joel's new housemate cannot be allowed to move in!
3428: Drew loses his temper with Paul when he works at the garage for work experience.
3429: Tad tells Tess he is going to make a complaint about her victimising him at school.
3430: Joe is suspicious that Harold is taking a keen interest in Lyn's underwear and threatens him.

3431: Will Tess tell Susan about the personal problems she has?
3432: Anne learns Fanto has been charging rent when the warehouse was rent free.
3433: Desie demands to know why Libby is undercover at Grease Monkeys.
3434: Charlie asks Toadie to marry her.
3435: Toadie is surprised when Charlie wants to marry him immediately or she is calling the wedding off!

3436: Will Toadie read Rupert's letter and discover Charlie's lies?
3437: Lyn inadvertently spurns Toadie into taking his law exams.
3438: Libby is not happy when Geri works alongside her at the Erinsborough News.
3439: Harold arrives home covered in blood on his face and hands.
3440: Tess tells Susan to stay out of her life!

3441: Tad is confused when his father wants to tell him about a mistake he has made.
3442: Geri realises Libby & Steph set her up for a practical joke.
3443: Bill's pressure to finish the salon causes an argument with Toadie.
3444: Lyn worries at how much money Joe has spent on food for the millennium party.
3445: The Scully house is on fire. Will Drew & Louise be okay?

. . .