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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 2000

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' sixteenth season (episodes 3446-3680)

3446: Drew believes Libby accepted his marriage proposal.
3447: Susan and Tess are interrupted by Tess's estranged husband Brendan.
3448: Amy is tormented about cheating on Lance when he clearly loves her so much.
3449: Tad upsets Paul asking Felicity out on a date.
3450: Harold's off to Queensland - Paul worries Tad will use it as an opportunity to host a party.

3451: Amy confuses Lance as she continues to push him away from her.
3452: Brendan causes Susan to doubt Tess's state of mind.
3453: Geri tells Libby they have to work together on a story.
3454: Joel hides from his fans after the calendar of him goes on sale.
3455: Harold finds Tad on the floor unconscious.

3456: Tad admits to Harold & Paul he's adopted and it has left him feeling worthless.
3457: Amy is tearful at the prospect she may be pregnant.
3458: Amy telephones Lance but can't face talking to him.
3459: Steph feels guilty for losing the cricket match and making Joe disappointed in her.
3460: Karl confirms to a shocked Amy that she is pregnant.

. . .

3461: Amy tells Anne the father of her baby is Damien.
3462: Anne feels guilty when Lance shows her a present he has made for Amy.
3463: Drew tells Libby he feels she is acting childish in her reactions to Geri.
3464: Karl questions Joe about why he is measuring No.28's property.
3465: Joe is stressed when he hears Karl & Harold criticising him.

3466: Lyn and Susan refuse any physical contact with their husband's until they resolve their differences.
3467: Amy tells Lance she has bad news to tell him.
3468: Lance learns Amy slept with Damien on New Year’s Eve and orders her to leave the house.
3469: Is Lance with Julia because he is on the rebound from Amy?
3470: Harold suffers nerves when signing the contract for a loan to expand his business.

3471: Bill is offered an apprenticeship in carpentry.
3472: Amy tells Anne she has refused Damien's marriage proposal.
3473: Julia feels used when Amy reveals how soon it has been since her and Lance split up.
3474: Joel can offer no comfort to a distraught Lance after he learns Amy is pregnant.
3475: Tad tells Harold he has received news about his real parents.

3476: Amy tells Anne she has stomach pains - is the baby in danger?
3477: Bill tells Karl & Susan his job in Brisbane requires him to leave next week, not in three months.
3478: Drew sets up an agreement with the estate agent to give Libby a surprise.
3479: Dione asks Joel if he is attracted to Carrie.
3480: Rob tells Harold the re-opening of Grease Monkeys has been poor.

3481: Lance tells Amy they no longer need to pretend to be friends.
3482: The send off for Bill brings Amy & Lance closer.
3483: Anne sobs when the realisation that Bill is now in Queensland hits home.
3484: Paul kisses Felicity.
3485: Karl & Susan learn Joe has bought their land with plans to build on it.

. . .

3486: Lance tells Joel he's arranged to meet Damien to right a wrong he has done to Amy.
3487: Lance and Amy are reunited as best friends.
3488: Brendan arrives at No.32 and asks to speak to Tess.
3489: Michelle is humiliated at school when the bullies put a raw egg on her head.
3490: Joel & Toadie face singing in a rough pub dressed in tutu's for a wager.

3491: Joel is not pleased with a double date with Toadie & Carrie.
3492: Amy and Lance say goodbye as she leaves for a new life in Fiji.
3493: Tess and Steph discover Paul, Tad & Felicity out at a nightclub.
3494: Joel tells Karl he's being dropped out of the cricket team next season.
3495: Michelle can't cope with Joe trying to protect her from Cecile's bullying.

3496: Cecile taunts Michelle that she'll keep on bullying her.
3497: Joel & Toadie prepare to sing while dressed in tutu's.
3498: Paul is furious with Felicity for setting him up with Simone.
3499: Joe quits as the cricket team captain.
3500: Will Tess agree to let Daniel move in with her at No.32?

3501: Drew asks Libby to marry him.
3502: Dione sees Joel & Carrie kissing.
3503: Bill and Anne are reunited.
3504: Felicity asks Tad to lie to allow her to sneak out at night.
3505: It appears Michelle may have broken Cecile's arm.

. . .

3506: Michelle is to be suspended over breaking Cecile's arm.
3507: Lyn fears she'll lose her job at the salon.
3508: Karl asks Libby if she's having second thoughts about marrying Drew.
3509: Is Rachel Jones Tad's real mother?
3510: Joe feels let down when he discovers Felicity has not seen The Rockets concert.

3511: Joe causes Lyn to be sacked from the salon.
3512: Will Tess give Brendan another chance?
3513: Lance and Toadie are stunned when Steph is all dressed up for the ball.
3514: What is the secret Tad has stopping him from asking Simone out?
3515: Tad asks Rachel if it's possible they are mother and son.

3516: Tad and Felicity are caught by Joe as they 'practice kiss' to improve Tad's skills.
3517: Tess and Brendan kiss passionately.
3518: Where has the Kirk family quilt gone?
3519: Geri tells Lyn if she's offered freebies at the salon she'll get free publicity on the radio.
3520: Joe catches Tad kissing Simone when he believes Tad and Felicity are seeing each other.

3521: Joe and Lyn's desperate financial situation are revealed to Lyn's parents.
3522: Tess warily agrees to letting Brendan stay in her house when his car won't start.
3523: Libby and Toadie are furious as Geri continues to get her freebie's for blatant advertising.
3524: Tad tells Felicity the adoption agency have found his real mother.
3525: Joe learns Felicity has been out all night when she gets into his taxi with boyfriend Sean Edwards.

3526: Joe decides to wash his hands of Felicity as he can no longer control her actions.
3527: Joel loses Dione and two backpackers business over Toadie's scheming.
3528: Joel tells Dione he has something to tell her.
3529: Tess asks Brendan to stay the night.
3530: Tad waits anxiously for the arrival of his mother the following day.

3531: Lyn tells Joe he will make the effort to be at a family dinner with Felicity's boyfriend Sean.
3532: Libby and Drew consider eloping.
3533: Joel sees Dione kiss another man.
3534: Will Tess accept Brendan's suggestion they move back in with each other?
3535: Tess is furious when Steph tells her she's making a mistake by getting back with Brendan.

3536: Sean tells Felicity that he wants to split up with her due to Joe's interference.
3537: Does Paul still have romantic feelings for Simone?
3538: Susan tells Karl that Libby and Drew are planning to elope to Fiji.
3539: Merridy is surprised by Lou's reaction to her moving away - Is he expressing his true feelings about her?
3540: Tad is determined to sort out a few issues with Rachael and storms out of No.24 to confront her.

3541: Tad tells Rachael she's nothing more than a face to a name for him.
3542: Simone & Paul realise they have a mutual attraction towards each other.
3543: Felicity asks Joe for his permission to see Sean again.
3544: Merridy is shocked when Lou tells her he doesn't want her to leave and he loves her.
3545: Michelle is scared by a present from the owner of the scary house.

3546: Felicity storms off from Sean, upset at him treating her as an accessory.
3547: Kate Davis reveals to Steph it is obvious that Toadie & Lance are attracted to her.
3548: Is Harold the man wanted for armed robbery in New Zealand and shown in the photo fit?
3549: Dione tells a disappointed Joel she just wants to be friends.
3550: Maurie takes out his anger at his wife tumour discovery on Karl.

3551: Harold feels as though he is being judged as though he was the armed robber.
3552: Toadie fears he'll never fall in love again.
3553: Dione learns that Bernie is Joel's father.
3554: The counsellor tells Libby and Drew to decide if they really want to marry each other.
3555: Karl tells Susan that Glenda Ryan is suing him for malpractice.

3556: Susan is angry when Joe refuses Karl to treat a wound on his hand.
3557: Dione tries to make Joel see that his father isn't what he believes him to be.
3558: Brendan's anger results in a car accident involving Libby & Steph being knocked from Steph's motorbike.
3559: Tess tries to make Brendan believe he isn't accountable for the accident.
3560: Tess begins to doubt Brendan's account of the accident - was he driving recklessly?

. . .

3561: Susan breaks down in tears when Libby's condition doesn't get any better.
3562: Brendan dies while Libby's condition gets better.
3563: Joel confronts his father and tells him they need to talk things out.
3564: Steph refuses Lance's present as he has given it in hope they can be more than just friends.
3565: Karl admits to Susan that Libby's condition has serious complications.

. . .

3566: Karl tells Susan that Maurie's accusations leave him damned in and out of court.
3567: Karl and Susan prepare to tell Libby she will not be able to have children.
3568: Michelle comes face to face with the owner of the scary house.
3569: On a birthday spending spree, tad suddenly hides - but from who?
3570: Harold cannot believe it when Wendy Baker refuses to go to the police to clear his name.

3571: Joel questions Dione if she still has feelings for ex-boyfriend Max Crawford.
3572: At the hospital, Libby pushes Drew further away from her.
3573: Damon catches Michelle snooping through a box of jewellery.
3574: Glenda tells Karl that Maurie pushed her to go to court but she believes he is innocent.
3575: Libby cries at trying to keep things normal with Drew.

3576: Libby tells Susan she wants to call the wedding off.
3577: Libby tells Drew she cannot marry him.
3578: Joel's not happy when Dione asks Max to stay with her.
3579: Joe's taxi fare could spell danger for him.
3580: Michelle learns that Damon was sent to jail for killing his family while driving drunk.

3581: Will Paul convince Tad they need to tell Felicity the date with Pete is a joke?
3582: Karl's future looks brighter as Glenda Ryan refuses to testify against him.
3583: Drew is devastated when he overhears Libby tell Susan she doesn't want to see him again.
3584: Karl tries to assure Susan that Libby will resolve her issues with Drew.
3585: Lance is amazed to see who Sandy Swimmer really is.

3586: Felicity is determined to get her and Pete together.
3587: Lyn suspects Steph has feelings for Drew - Is she right?
3588: At a nightclub Dione and Max kiss.
3589: Tad agrees to take Harold as his chaperone to the nightclub.
3590: Lyn and Joe's financial status improves when Joe gets a cheque for the building work.

3591: Felicity is embarrassed when she learns Pete is married.
3592: Joe builds Lyn's confidence about her entry into the hairdressing competition.
3593: A car thief sees Drew leaving Karl's car keys hidden under the wheel arch of his car.
3594: Lance is saddened when Dione's friends are not romantically interested in him.
3595: Tad refuses to accept Madge and Harold's wishes for him not to work at the nightclub.

3596: Dione tells Joel she kissed another man at the nightclub.
3597: Steph feels awkward after suggesting Tess is attracted to Daniel so soon after Brendan's death.
3598: Libby tells Karl and Susan it's time they let her live her own life again.
3599: While playing footy, Paul is victimised and knocked unconscious.
3600: Steph is caught unable to express her feelings she has for Drew except in a wish she makes.

3601: Steph admits to Toadie that she has feelings for Drew.
3602: Joel asks Dione to marry him.
3603: Felicity warns Tad that Doula is only using him and he must demand she pay him for his work.
3604: Doula uses emotional blackmail to keep from paying Tad.
3605: Steph agrees to go away with drew at the weekend - Toadie doubts this is a good idea.

3606: Lyn & Toadie wonder how Steph will cope with her emotions when she is away alone with Drew.
3607: Will Steph confess to drew that she is in love with him?
3608: Why is Felicity determined to have an argument with Paul?
3609: Dione's prank could cost her, her relationship with Joel.
3610: Doula threatens to ruin Tad's budding career and reputation as a DJ.

3611: Tess is disappointed that Daniel is attracted to Steph and not to her.
3612: Drew is stunned when Libby reinforces that they can ever only be friends.
3613: Steph must explain to Daniel she cannot see him again as she still loves Drew.
3614: Dione wants for her and Joel to get matching tattoo's and Joel falls for the prank.
3615: Lance is worried when Lisa has planned something 'crazy' to do together.

3616: Lance's honesty ends his relationship with Lisa.
3617: Gareth Rivers blackmails Susan over the computer software.
3618: Will Paul choose to keep seeing Cheyenne and lose his friendship with Felicity?
3619: Drew endeavours to get Libby to talk about 'them' but she avoids the issue. Drew despairs.
3620: Steph is surprised when Tess admits she has fallen in love with Daniel.

3621: Will Tess reveal to Daniel she is in love with him?
3622: Cheyenne tells Felicity she is only interested in keeping Paul to herself.
3623: Will Libby's bad newspaper report on the Hemisphere club end Tad's new job offer?
3624: Toadie and Lance discover someone has stolen their beer.
3625: Lyn believes Joe is having an affair with Tess.

3626: Paul is caught shoplifting.
3627: A prank on Dione results in her splitting up with Joel.
3628: In an attempt to forget Drew, Libby agrees to a dinner date with work colleague Geoff.
3629: Will Lance make the call to meet his secret admirer?
3630: lance is tasked to perform the 'seven labours of Lance' to win Allana's affections.

3631: Joe reaffirms his commitment to Lyn, giving her a ring and declaring she is the only woman for him.
3632: Toadie tells Drew about Steph's feelings for him. Then Steph arrives...
3633: Steph tries to make Libby see that only she has the power to stop Drew leaving Erinsborough.
3634: Paul breaks up with Cheyenne in front of Tad and Felicity over her shallow behaviour.
3635: Stephen Bailey asks Tad to help him by donating bone marrow to his son Tim.

3636: Tad feels he's been cheated out of being a part of his mother's life twice.
3637: Tess could be in danger as her horse gallops off and out of her control.
3638: Drew & Libby play happy families when they have to babysit Leo & Emily Hancock.
3639: Libby starts to question that her feelings towards Drew aren't over.
3640: Felicity asks Joel to be her date at the school debutant ball.

3641: Madge tells Tad that if he is approved as a donor he still has to choose himself whether to go ahead with the operation.
3642: Libby arrives in time to stop Drew signing away his share in the garage business.
3643: Why is Patsy acting so suspiciously?
3644: Tess reveals to Harold that Paul, Tad & Felicity have skipped off from school.
3645: Tad meets his half-brother at his mother's graveside - Will he tell Tim who he really is?

3646: Stephen & Tad discuss how Tim should be told of who Tad really is.
3647: Lou learns that a van outside his house is robbing him - Is Patsy involved?
3648: Libby asks Steph what has changed her mind since the accident that she cannot attend the wedding.
3649: lance is determined to continue with his 'labours of Lance' to win Allana's affections.
3650: Paul's outburst has Joel questioning Felicity's real reason for asking him to the debutant ball.

3651: Joel prepares to tell Felicity he can't be her partner at the debutant ball.
3652: Joe & Lyn prepare to defend their home from the suspected burglar.
3653: Lance feels as though Libby's newspaper article has ruined his life.
3654: Is Steph thinking of leaving Erinsborough?
3655: Paul feels he's being victimised as the new recruit at footy camp.

3656: Steph decides to quit her job and tell her boss exactly what she thinks of him!
3657: Will Drew explain to Libby how Steph was in love with him?
3658: Lance is given his final test by Allana to prove his love for her.
3659: Tad cheats at his exams but Susan believes Paul is guilty. Will Tad admit he is the cheat?
3660: Joel begins to see Felicity in a romantic light.

3661: Lance is determined to complete Allana's challenge - Will Toadie & Joel help him in his task?
3662: Steph tells Libby she cannot be her bridesmaid.
3663: Tess tells Dione their house sharing isn't working and needs resolving.
3664: Will Paul confess to Harold that Tad has gone to work at Hemisphere club despite being forbidden?
3665: Joe & Lyn worry that expensive lingerie owned by Felicity was bought for her by Joel.

3666: Joel wants to explain to Felicity that their relationship is just friendship.
3667: Lance finally gets to be with Allana after completing her 'labours of Lance' tasks successfully.
3668: Drew is upset when Libby doesn't like the surprise car he has bought as a wedding present.
3669: Everyone enjoys themselves at the debutant ball as band Human Nature take to the stage.
3670: Joel & Felicity kiss.

. . .

3671: Felicity wants to know if she and Joel have a chance of being in a relationship.
3672: Joe is asked to be the Godfather to the baby he delivered.
3673: Tad reveals to Madge how upset he is over the bone marrow harvest operation.
3674: Why is Allana lying to Lance about her real name?
3675: Darcy tells Karl his relationship with Alice is in trouble.

3676: Felicity continues to pursue Joel by joining his diving team.
3677: Toadie wonders what other secrets Allan is hiding from Lance.
3678: What is the plot that Woody is getting Steph involved in?
3679: It appears that the son of the artist Lou is celebrating at the exhibition wants to 'rip his head off'!
3680: Felicity kisses Joel and confidently tells Tad she'll win his heart too.

. . .