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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 2002

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' eighteenth season (episodes 3921-4155)

3921: Woody tells Steph that Mitch went to prison for murder.
3922: Steph tells Woody she never wants to see him again.
3923: Steph admits to Joe that she is in love with Drew and still cannot think about anyone else in her life.
3924: Joel asks Dione to go away with him if she really does still love him - Will she go?
3925: Toadie & Lou sign up to be financial backers to a film, unaware it is a scam.

3926: Dione discovers Joel was the one who told Darcy about her miscarriage.
3927: Joel says goodbye to Dione as he prepares to set sail.
3928: Away camping, Michelle is relieved when Zack doesn't put her under pressure to have sex with him.
3929: Michelle learns Zack has no intention to be in a long term relationship.
3930: Toadie, Lou & Harold learn they have invested in adult movies.


3931: Toadie reveals to the partners at his law firm just how corrupt Tim Collins is before resigning from his job.
3932: Michelle sees Zack and Elly together and assumes she has been deceived by the both of them.
3933: Elly is angry at Susan for telling Michelle her mother has no intention of sending for her.
3934: Evan and Joe clash when Evan implies Joe's involvement in a building project could unfairly influence his decisions if voted into the council.
3935: Who has Leo seen when he confronts the intruder at No.22?

3936: Will Elly take the taxi to the airport and fly off to Europe?
3937: Susan fears Elly has taken the flight to Europe.
3938: Drew and Libby panic as Ben begins crying on their first night home together.
3939: Serena steals paperwork from Darcy's briefcase.
3940: Will Toadie stay on at the law firm just to please Maggie?

3941: Felicity loses her interest in the marketing job when she ends up being 'manhandled'.
3942: Serena tries to bluff Karl into believing Darcy will never agree to sack her.
3943: Have Harold & Tad really dealt with their differences?
3944: Matt explains to Evan that he is moving out of home to get his own space.
3945: Drew discovers Darcy's name is on the label of the bottle of drugs recovered from being abused at the nightclub.

3946: What is the secret Serena has to tell?
3947: Marc kisses Steph.
3948: Has Drew injured a customer at the club after being left alone to handle the situation?
3949: Tad blames Harold for his splitting up with Cherry.
3950: Harold tells Tad he'll not stop him moving out of No.24.

3951: Marc asks Steph to stay the night with him at his apartment.
3952: Darcy realises it is Serena who is stealing his prescription pad to sell on.
3953: Toadie begins to find it difficult to handle his attraction towards Maggie.
3954: Will Michelle and Elly get caught by security as they trespass out of hours at school?
3955: Elly begs Susan not to confront Joe about Michelle and her breaking into the school.

3956: Toadie reveals to Maggie that he loves her - but did she hear what he said?
3957: Karl tells Susan he is fed up with Elly's behaviour and wants her to move out of their home.
3958: Libby is not impressed when new neighbour Terri Hall brushes off her attempt to welcome her to the neighbourhood.
3959: Dione & Drew discover Stuart sleeping in the garage.
3960: Dione & Stuart kiss.

3961: Terri warns Libby to stay away from her.
3962: Felicity is attracted to Marc Lambert.
3963: Elly kisses Tad.
3964: Maggie is shocked when Toadie confesses he's in love with her.
3965: Maggie tells Toadie she has another solution to stop him from leaving his job.

3966: Felicity realises Marc is Steph's fianc?.
3967: Joe tells his father Pat he wants him to leave No.26 - Lyn comforts her husband.
3968: Tad walks away from kissing Elly when he feels guilty after seeing a photo of Susan.
3969: In a scuffle, drew is pushed to the ground by Terri.
3970: Dione and Stuart kiss.

3971: Dione stuns Stuart by announcing a woman claiming to be his fianc?e has arrived.
3972: Elly wants to know what the letter Karl has says about her real father.
3973: Matt's drag race ends in two car accidents and Harold being injured.
3974: Matt faces manslaughter charges if Glen dies.
3975: Chloe Lambert tells husband John that she doesn't want son Marc to marry Steph.


3976: fearing his future, Matt flees hospital.
3977: Will Leo confess to Maggie he knows of Matt's whereabouts.
3978: Peter Conway tells Elly that her mother has told him that Karl is her real father.
3979: Dione demands Stuart make a decision about whether he wants to be with her or not.
3980: Stuart tells Dione he loves her.

3981: The Hancock's prepare as Matt goes to court facing a custodial sentence.
3982: Maggie & Evan decide they need to sell No.32 to pay for Matt's legal fees.
3983: Elly learns how Karl had an affair - Libby warns her not to exploit the fact.
3984: Lou & Harold can only laugh at both their health misfortunes.
3985: Joe wants to know why Connor has Malcolm Kennedy's luggage.

3986: Maggie tells Evan he has to start supporting, not punishing Matt.
3987: Marc begins to see Felicity in a romantic light.
3988: Elly confronts her mother and demands to know who her real father is.
3989: Karl comforts Elly after she is told she is not going to live in Sweden with her mother.
3990: Matt tells Evan he blames himself for all the family's misfortunes. Evan comforts him.

3991: Marc kisses Felicity.
3992: Felicity begins to feel guilty about Marc - will she confess all to Steph?
3993: Maggie is unaware that Evan is about to confront Toadie about his letter confessing his love for her.
3994: Karl tells Malcolm that his actions have put into question any pride he had for his son.
3995: Rosie Hoyland makes it clear to Harold she only thinks of him as a friend.

3996: Has Stuart seen Marc & Felicity together?
3997: Will Elly go to Sweden to live with her mother?
3998: Maggie wants Evan to open up to her and express how he feels about her betrayal.
3999: Lou and Rosie are trapped inside the church as it burns.
4000: Felicity tells Marc she is in love with him - Will he admit he is in love with her too?



4001: What is the mystery of who and why Tad's passport has gone missing?
4002: Connor's illiteracy means he cannot read Michelle's message to meet her for a picnic in the park.
4003: Lyn angrily tells Felicity she doesn't want her taking any of the spotlight away from Steph's big day.
4004: Will Penny's kiss give Darcy the opportunity to break his doctor/patient relationship rule?
4005: After a medical procedure Joe loses his voice - Will he get to do his speech at Steph's wedding?

4006: The Scully family are touched by Joe's speech he has written for the wedding.
4007: Marc announces at the altar that he cannot marry Steph.
4008: Steph is heartbroken, lying on the bathroom floor crying.
4009: Lou informs Harold he has no right in resenting him reaching out to grab a few moments of happiness.
4010: Toadie cannot stop Stuart going to Sydney to be with Felicity.


4011: Marc sees Felicity is with Stuart in her hotel room in Sydney.
4012: Unable to cope with Marc & Stuart's fighting, Felicity runs off.
4013: Steph takes comfort from spending time with Ben.
4014: Darcy and Penny reconcile their differences to get back together.
4015: Rosie stuns Harold & Lou by revealing that her photographing a semi-naked Darcy is for a charity calendar.

4016: Joe tells Felicity he feels nothing but betrayal and shame about her actions.
4017: Felicity decides to move out of home and Steph has no intention of stopping her.
4018: Steph angrily gives Marc Felicity's new address and orders him to leave the Scully house.
4019: Rosie's plan to get Valda to believe Harold is gay has her also believing Lou is too.
4020: Stuart punches Marc to the ground but will his actions have repercussions later?

4021: Felicity and Marc kiss - Are they about to resume their relationship?
4022: Felicity asks Marc to drop the assault charges against Stuart to make her happy.
4023: In a bid to stop Valda believing he is gay, Harold kisses her - but has he led her to believe he has feelings for her?
4024: Tad finds his lost passport but cannot understand how it got to be where it was...
4025: Toadie tells Tad he believes Doula is behind his credit card and passport fraud.


4026: Harold receives a phone call - It appears Tad is being taken to intensive care in hospital.
4027: Stuart confesses to Dione that he is in love with Felicity.
4028: Steph believes Felicity's birthday present to her is only an attempt to bribe her way back into her life.
4029: Having slipped on some spilt milk, Susan falls to the ground and is knocked unconscious.
4030: Confused and unable to recognise Karl, Susan runs off dressed only in her pyjamas.


4031: Karl is stunned to learn that Susan has amnesia and believes the year is 1972.
4032: Felicity tells Stuart that there is still a chance that they could have a relationship.
4033: The reality of Susan's memory loss hits her when she sees a reflection of herself in a mirror.
4034: Rosie asks Lou if he has used church funds to pay off his debts.
4035: Will Darcy win Penny's heart again by wooing her with romantic music?

4036: Stuart leaves for the army - Felicity can't get to him in time to say goodbye.
4037: Lou explains to Rosie he is deep in financial trouble and feels like a failure.
4038: Toadie is not happy to see Dione with another man - Dione puts it down to him feeling unsettled.
4039: The game of 'Truth or Dare' ends with Toadie kissing Dione with passion.
4040: Steph is no closer to forgiving Felicity over her betrayal.

4041: Connor tells Joe he fears that as Michelle gets older she'll not want to be with him.
4042: Karl decides it is time to call the police after Susan remains missing.
4043: Joe watches as Steph leaves home and Felicty flies to America - his family is torn apart.
4044: Summer faints when she fears Audrey is about to be run over.
4045: Karl explains to Rosie that Summer may be suffering from a form of Narcosis.

4046: Stuart's forfeit has him running around Lassiter's nearly naked.
4047: Karl is taken to the police station for further questioning about Susan's disappearance.
4048: Tahnee kisses Connor.
4049: Rosie believes Lou has set her up to win the wedding fayre competition.
4050: Karl is relieved when Susan calls him to explain she has returned home.

4051: Karl struggles to accept stranger Craig Benson is in Susan's life, at her request.
4052: Libby holds onto hope that Susan will still regain her memory.
4053: Nina wishes she was on stage singing instead Tahnee.
4054: Darcy cannot side-step Penny's desire to get married with low key romantic gesture.
4055: Karl is upset at not being able to protect Susan.

4056: Susan confides in Harold that she fears of being alone.
4057: Susan has a flash of memory showing her working as a teacher.
4058: Connor prepares to tell Michelle the truth about him and Tahnee.
4059: Joe tells Lyn he wants them to try for another baby.
4060: A misunderstanding ends with Stuart and Steph kissing.

4061: A quiet night at home together results in Toadie and Dione kissing.
4062: Will Michelle drink the cocktail mistakenly made with floor cleaner by Connor?
4063: Lou confronts Rosie when it appears she doesn't appreciate the man he is.
4064: Has Susan started to develop romantic feelings for Karl again?
4065: Harold is confused when Nina refuses to accept she has real singing talent.

4066: Rosie warns Susan not to throw her marriage to Karl away.
4067: Mitch asks Steph to help him.
4068: Believing Steph has betrayed him to the police he forces her to handover cash from the till.
4069: Susan tells Karl, in front of Craig, that she wants a divorce.
4070: Karl is stunned when Susan tells him she wants to start divorce proceedings immediately.

4071: Michelle is relieved when Connor returns home.
4072: Steph cries at being wrongly accused of being involved in Mitch's armed robbery.
4073: An accident inadvertently sparks jealousy in Harold over Rosie and Lou's relationship.
4074: Rosie asks Max to not make the same mistake she made and be there for his children.
4075: Darcy sees a newspaper article about him, with the headline 'Doctor In Disgrace'.


4076: Frustrated at his slow progress, Connor abandon's his reading lesson with Michelle.
4077: Will Harold admit to Lou that he still has feelings for Rosie?
4078: Karl explains to Susan that he has every intention of giving her everything in their divorce settlement.
4079: Steph arrives at Mitch's old hut in the country - Will she find him there?
4080: Felicity feels isolated when she sees Stuart is more interested helping Steph out.

4081: Susan appears to have another memory flash and blurts out to Karl that she loves him.
4082: Ray forces himself on Dione and kisses her.
4083: Michelle is appalled and Felicity delighted at Joe and Lyn's decision to try for another baby.
4084: Will Nina help save Rosie's day and take over Tahnee's place in the school choir?
4085: Drew and Libby are shocked as Ron Kirk suffers an angina attack.

4086: Drew & Libby are stunned as Ron offers to buy them a house if the move to Oakey.
4087: It appears Steph is ready to start making amends with Felicity.
4088: Summer and Boyd aren't happy when Max enrols them in piano and cricket lessons.
4089: Lou tells Rosie he'll tackle Harold about his feelings for her.
4090: After a fall from his horse, an unconscious Drew is rushed to hospital, with Libby at his side.

4091: After Drew's funeral, Libby urges Ron to continue to set up the Stud Farm to bring sense to Drew's death.
4092: Karl tries to help Libby in her grief but she wants no help from anyone.
4093: A simple gift from Summer snaps Libby out of her grief as she tends to Ben.
4094: Harold tells Rosie he is going to do all he can to fight her having to leave her post in Erinsborough.
4095: Steph tells Lyn that she cannot express her grief for Drew properly in case it reveals how much she loved him.

4096: Karl becomes emotional when seeing balloons makes him reflect about Drew.
4097: The Kennedy family unite after Libby allows her parents to help her in her desire to move forward.
4098: Harold tells Lou he is going to fight to keep Rosie in the community.
4099: Toadie teases Dione as they commit to moving into one room with each other.
4100: Harold tells a stunned Lou that he is going to make Rosie see that Lou doesn't deserve her love.

4101: Stuart and Felicity's afternoon in the limo ends with Stuart wanting to kiss her.
4102: Karl hugs Susan tenderly but how will Susan react to his affection?
4103: Michelle asks Connor if he'll go with her to New York while she studies there.
4104: Chloe gives Darcy a watch as a present - He's confused by her generosity.
4105: Chloe reveals to Darcy she's upset over her husband John asking her for a divorce.

4106: Darcy leaves Chloe's party believing he's being used as a 'trophy' in front of all her friends.
4107: Susan kisses Karl - where do they go from here?
4108: Lou tells Harold he'll stop him from trying to split him and Rosie up.
4109: Nina refuses to give into Tahnee's blackmail to reveal to everyone her feelings she has for Connor.
4110: Joe wants to know why Michelle lied and put herself into the exchange programme.


4111: Connor hides from Michelle at how upset Nina is with him after he enters her song in a talent contest.
4112: Felicity and Stuart kiss.
4113: Steph is furious when Max argues with her over his parenting skills with Summer.
4114: Rosie is unhappy when Max tells her that he is going to be Lou's business partner at the pub.
4115: Angie & Toadie discover that Kevin has left, taking all the money.

4116: Felicity and Stuart share a romantic meal together.
4117: Will Nina stand up and reveal she wrote the song and not Tahnee?
4118: Michelle tells Connor that she doesn't trust him anymore and ends their relationship.
4119: Harold rings up a dating agency, intending to join up.
4120: Susan and Libby are brought closer together after a medical emergency with Ben.

4121: Sheena is propositioned by Martin Cook after he suggests favours from her would advance her medical career.
4122: Darcy confronts Chloe, demanding to know if she has attracted to him, as much as he is to her.
4123: Conner explains to Michelle he loves her and tries to prove it by writing it in a letter.
4124: Nina prepares to sing her winning song in public.
4125: Rosie is disappointed when Harold tells her he's found someone special through the dating agency.

4126: Chloe and Darcy are photographed together despite deliberately trying to stay out of public view.
4127: Dione's new massage client is surgeon Martin Cook.
4128: Felicity prepares to tell Stuart some news he isn't going to like.
4129: Nina receives a text message from a secret admirer but he feels uncomfortable about it.
4130: Rosie feels awkward as Lou tells her he cannot live without her.

4131: Dione is horrified when Martin makes sexual advances towards her.
4132: Will Max put his differences with Steph to one side so she can help Summer?
4133: A road crash has Felicity scrambling for safety. The van tumbles over the hill with Stuart still inside.
4134: Felicity and Stuart shelter out of the rain, stranded in the country.
4135: Susan and Karl's relationship reaches a new level when she agrees to sleep back in his bed.

4136: Felicity tries to convince Stuart of how serious his hypothermia is.
4137: Dione is stunned when Toadie wants to split up with her after he accuses her of lying to him.
4138: Jack arrives to find that Lori has told his parents about his secret - what has Jack done?
4139: Max begins to see Steph in a new romantic light after the 'Mother and Daughter' ball.
4140: Karl and Susan agree to marry again.


4141: Darcy comforts Dione after she reveals Martin Cook tried to assault her.
4142: Lori tells the Scully's she is staying on in Erinsborough - Lyn is less than pleased.
4143: Stuart asks Felicity to marry him. Will she accept?
4144: Felicity flies to New York, to start her new life.
4145: Darcy is attacked outside Lassiters at night.


4146: Chloe is stunned when daughter Jordan admits she paid for Darcy to be attacked.
4147: Will Dione trust Darcy to help her prove her harassment case?
4148: Nina learns that Taj is her secret admirer.
4149: Lyn questions if Jack he left New Zealand in order to make it easier to split up with Lori?
4150: Stuart's jealousy drives him to come to the decision to move to New York to be with Felicity.

4151: Lou collapses at home.
4152: Nina demands to know if Taj already has a girlfriend.
4153: Why has Darcy risked so much to help Dione when she is just a friend to him?
4154: Who is pregnant in the Scully house? Joe believes it is Michelle.
4155: Lyn announces to Joe that she is pregnant.