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Reference > The Cliffhanger Catalogue > 2004

Episode-by-episode cliffhangers from Neighbours' twentieth season (episodes 4396-4630)

4396: Harold begins to regain consciousness.
4397: Harold shows a change in behaviour when he steals another patient’s blanket.
4398: Max warns Lyn that her opinion is not welcome about whether he and Steph would consider having children together.
4399: Steph explains to Max that she sees her future involves having children, even if it means they split up.
4400: Lyn imagines the worst has happened when she sees Karl & Izzy arriving back in Ramsay Street and both of them going into No.28.


4401: Steph & Max’s decision that they want to have children is not met with enthusiasm by Summer & Boyd.
4402: Malcolm sees his father and Izzy out together at a bar drinking.
4403: Karl reveals to Malcolm that he fears he could never love Susan again as much as he used to.
4404: David and Liljana are horrified to find photo’s of Serena posing in a bikini.
4405: David and Liljana find a confused and troubled Harold wandering the streets.

4406: Chris’s motives for photographing Serena become clear as he loads the images onto the internet.
4407: Lou tells a delighted Trixie that he is backing her financially to stage her performance of ‘Hello Dolly’.
4408: Malcolm runs over Stuart’s dog but Karl realises it is missing Kennedy pet Audrey.
4409: Karl tells a stunned Susan he wants a trial separation.
4410: Karl’s inability to explain his actions lead Susan to believe he must be having a breakdown - Karl assures her their separation has nothing to do with that.

4411: Karl would rather stay up late drinking than go to bed and lie next to Susan.
4412: Susan is furious when she sees Izzy after a disastrous session with the marriage counsellor.
4413: Everyone is shocked when Harold becomes drunk and abusive towards Lou & Trixie at their farewell party.
4414: Chris makes preparations to sleep with Serena as she is about to turn sixteen.
4415: Serena is devastated when she learns Chris has only used her to supply images of her to illegal websites.

4416: Is Erin really suffering from an asthma attack or just faking it?
4417: Who is the man who is watching the Hoyland’s and stolen their family photo?
4418: Lyn blames Izzy for Susan & Karl’s marriage problems and does so in a very public way.
4419: Karl explains to Susan he thinks the kiss they shared was a mistake.
4420: Susan becomes upset after Karl moves out of Ramsay Street at her request.

4421: Lyn and Izzy’s dislike of each other deepens as the women of Ramsay Street rally around Susan.
4422: Susan’s crisis of confidence around Izzy fades away as she realises her ‘enemy’ really does only care about herself and how others see her.
4423: Svetlanka reveals to Harold, David & Serena how Liljana was pregnant before she met David.
4424: The Bishop family reconcile despite Svetlanka’s attempts to split them up.
4425: Toadie dreams about Dione dressed in her wedding dress. But when the girl in the dream turns he only sees Sindi’s face.


4426: Sky decides she wants to move her relationship with Boyd to a physical one.
4427: Izzy agrees to go out for a drink with Karl after splitting up with Gus.
4428: Lou demands to know from Trixie why she lied to him and did not tell him about the cancellation of her show.
4429: Lou awakens to find Trixie has left him, leaving him alone in Hong Kong.
4430: Lou finds it hard to keep up pretence about why he has returned home.

4431: Karl begins to realise where events could lead to when he invites Izzy back to his place.
4432: Why is Gus so keen to promote Boyd as being the model son?
4433: Lou admits to Harold he’s lost his wife, marriage and nearly all his livelihood.
4434: Toadie comes to the rescue of the footy streaker and admits the boy is his cousin Scott.
4435: Scott falls from Boyd’s skateboard while using Sindi’s camcorder - Is he okay?

4436: Rocco refuses to accept Sindi’s terms to their relationship and to split up with her.
4437: Susan is tricked by Lisa into believing Karl wants to reconcile and is shocked to find him at home with Izzy.
4438: Gus watches as Max drinks a beer drugged by him.
4439: Michelle’s arrival home is marred when she walks in on Connor and Carmella in a compromising position.
4440: Connor tells Michelle she was the only one he ever wanted to be with and she destroyed that when she left for New York.


4441: Karl is jealous of overhearing Gus and Izzy planning to go out on a date together.
4442: Gus ‘jokes’ to Izzy that he has her trapped as he holds her a little too firmly in an embrace.
4443: Rocco has no intention of giving Lou any favours regarding late payments on his loan.
4444: Susan becomes frightened when Lou reacts irrationally and makes a pass at her.
4445: Will Jack tell Michelle the truth about Connor and Lori’s relationship?

4446: Toadie and Sindi give into their feelings for each other and kiss.
4447: Lou is forced to get into illegal betting on the horses to avoid Rocco’s wrath.
4448: Karl reveals to Izzy his feelings he has for her, telling her he ‘wants her’.
4449: Facing financial ruin, Lou decides to run away from his problems and from Rocco.
4450: David stuns Sky when he explains to her he wants to join her in confronting the man who shot her mother.

4451: Sky physically attacks the man who was responsible for shooting her mother.
4452: Susan agrees to go on a date with Brent.
4453: Sindi isn’t happy when Rocco is strangely attracted to the yobbish creation she has invented.
4454: Lou falls down the side of an embankment when stranded out in the country.
4455: Lou’s life is in danger as he lays injured and close to death while stranded in the country.

4456: Lou confesses to Harold he’s in big financial trouble.
4457: Connor is stunned when Lori returns with his daughter Maddy.
4458: Connor and Michelle vow to keep their relationship strong.
4459: Rocco sees photos revealing Sindi and Toadie kissing.
4460: Sindi can only watch as Toadie is driven away by a vengeful Rocco.

4461: What is the secret Sindi has in her past that could have resulted in Toadie leaving Erinsborough?
4462: Lori explains to Connor & Michelle she is prepared to move to Erinsborough if he wants to be part of Maddy’s life.
4463: Karl and Izzy are stuck together when the hospital lift breaks down.
4464: Izzy is frustrated and annoyed when Karl tells her he wants to be with her.
4465: Boyd relishes Gus’s reaction when he tells him how Izzy and Karl were stuck in the lift together.

4466: Stuart tries to convince Sindi that Toadie’s ‘Dear John’ letter is not written by him.
4467: Scott reacts badly to Serena’s kindness and accidently hits her across the face.
4468: Boyd refuses to accept the controlling influence Gus has over the Hoyland family.
4469: Alone, a very sick Max falls to the floor - will he be okay?
4470: Karl explains to Max he has a high level of sedative medication in his body.

4471: Karl shows Izzy a copy of an article he has found on the internet about Gus suffering from a medical condition.
4472: Gus sneaks back into No.32 at night and pauses to look at a family picture of the Hoyland’s.
4473: Susan is embarrassed when Tom helps out at the school charity event.
4474: Serena is shocked to hear Allan Steiger and her mother being intimate.
4475: Lyn tells Lori she thinks that getting back together with her son Jack is not a good idea.


4476: Max learns that Gus used his credit card and identity to buy cable tv for No.32.
4477: Izzy is upset when she learns she is pregnant after taking a pregnancy test at home.
4478: Izzy tells Karl she really wants to be in a committed relationship with him.
4479: Susan decides her marriage is over and takes off her wedding ring.
4480: Rocco visit’s a country hospital to visit a mystery patient - Is it Toadie?

4481: Stuart and Sindi discover Toadie in the hospital and Rocco by his bedside.
4482: Boyd discovers Gus’s phone as it rings in the garden of No.32. Will he find Gus who is hiding nearby?
4483: Tom makes Lyn feel awkward when he questions her feelings she has for him.
4484: Tom makes excuses to leave No.28 when Susan questions the vows he took to join the priesthood.
4485: Serena and Scott admit they are in love with each other.

4486: Sindi is devastated when Toadie cannot remember who she is.
4487: Gus confronts Izzy, telling her he knows she is pregnant by him.
4488: Izzy schemes to get Karl to promise to her he’ll always be there for her.
4489: Susan feels guilty about wishing that Tom’s joke about her defrocking him was true.
4490: Liljana tells Lyn she fears that David is having an affair.

4491: Izzy continues to hide her pregnancy.
4492: Will Izzy tell Max about the fact that she is pregnant?
4493: While Tom is delirious, sick with fever, he reveals to Susan that he is attracted to her.
4494: Toadie is confused when Sindi does everything to avoid talking to him.
4495: Sindi tells Toadie she cannot and refuses to compete against his memories of Dione.

4496: Izzy’s ploy to get Karl to suspect she could be pregnant goes exactly to plan.
4497: Izzy announces to Max, Steph & Summer that she and Karl are having a baby.
4498: Susan explains to Tom that if he were not a priest she would want to take their relationship further than friendship.
4499: Tom confesses to God that he has feelings for Susan.
4500: Liljana truly believes David is having an affair.


4501: Karl agrees to tell Susan that Izzy is having his baby.
4502: Susan is devastated when Karl tells her he and Izzy are having a baby.
4503: Tom reveals to Susan that he is in love with her.
4504: Olivia makes Jack walk away from the car accident to simplify the enquiries the police will have for her.
4505: Boyd and Summer are desperate when Izzy refuses to tell them where she is.

4506: Stuart’s new partner in the police is Olivia.
4507: Karl finds Izzy working as a waitress in a restaurant in the country.
4508: Sindi gives Tom the address of Susan’s country retreat.
4509: Tom and Susan agree they cannot walk away from their feelings for each other.
4510: Susan interrupts a moment being shared by Karl and Izzy to present Karl with divorce papers.

4511: Izzy inadvertently slips up to Libby and Steph about the real length of her pregnancy.
4512: Susan tells a stunned Libby that she is in love with Tom.
4513: Jack hangs dangerously from a ladder at the building site.
4514: Lyn worries about the state of Jack’s health after the ladder accident.
4515: Lyn is stunned when Susan admits she and Tom are in love with each other.

4516: Susan learns Tom has had a previous relationship with his housekeeper Therese.
4517: Susan tells Tom that their relationship is finished.
4518: Olivia feels uncomfortable as she realises Jack and Stuart know each other.
4519: Izzy panics when Karl tries to watch the video of the baby scan.
4520: Tom reveals to Susan he has left the priesthood to be with her.

4521: Karl sees Susan with Tom and Izzy recognises Tom as the priest she confessed to.
4522: Izzy cannot reveal to a jubilant Karl that he is not the father of her baby.
4523: Olivia tells Jack to make a choice - live life on the wild side or face losing her.
4524: Lou prepares to go to court to face the charges of fraud made against him.
4525: Lou is sentenced to three years in prison.

4526: Lou is stunned to discover his cell mate is Darcy Tyler.
4527: Max tempts Steph into them forgetting about a big wedding and just eloping.
4528: The newlyweds Steph & Max, Valda & Charlie set off for their Honeymoon’s.
4529: Will Olivia convince Jack to steal money planned to pay an electrician so they can have more fun together?
4530: Harold agrees to pay the money to help Lou from being hurt in jail, even though it is morally wrong.


4531: Lou feels threatened in prison but Darcy offers little support.
4532: Olivia tells Stuart she wants to end their working relationship.
4533: Darren becomes aggressive when Stuart questions him about the Scully building site theft.
4534: Susan is furious and vows never to allow Karl & Izzy move into No.28.
4535: Stingray is worried when baby Maddy goes missing at the skate park.

4536: Stingray decides to move on and steals David’s car to get away.
4537: Olivia wants Jack to support her scam to implicate Darren in the Scully building site thefts.
4538: Darren is taken away by the police as Libby and Karl watch on.
4539: Izzy successfully hides the scan date from Karl by destroying the video and hiding the scan photo in a frame.
4540: Darcy asks Susan to be his victim sponsor to help him get parole.

4541: Libby asks Darren to stay with her and not leave Erinsborough.
4542: Darren calls Libby one last time before driving off and leaving the ring he bought her behind.
4543: Steph demands Jack tell her the truth about the trouble he is in or she’ll call their parents.
4544: Tom threatens Izzy that he’ll tell Karl the truth about who her baby’s real father if is she doesn’t.
4545: Karl tells Susan her helping Darcy to gain day release from prison is a mistake.

4546: Izzy worries that Darcy knows about who the father of her baby really is.
4547: Jack races off in the car after Steph confronts him about going out again.
4548: Steph panics when Jack begins to cough up blood after his car accident.
4549: Jack is charged with driving under the influence of an illegal substance.
4550: Darcy learns the baby Izzy is carrying cannot be Karl’s.

4551: Izzy stages that Darcy has stolen her jewellery after he suffers a fall on the hospital’s fire escape steps.
4552: Susan tries to come to terms with Darcy’s latest crime and accident.
4553: Stingray tells Sky he’s worried if he doesn’t stick to taking his medication he’ll end up hurting someone.
4554: Steph comforts Jack as his addiction causes him to steal from his own family.
4555: Jack tells Steph he’s accepted he needs to give himself a chance to move on with his own life.

4556: Stuart realises Olivia is hiding something when she lets a man wanted by the police leave.
4557: Stuart tells Olivia her good intentions to redeem herself have come too late.
4558: Liljana refuses to accept money from her mother but David isn’t so sure...
4559: Steph tells Max that despite his objections, she is going to have a fertility test.
4560: Max and Steph must face the fact that they are going to have real problems trying to conceive.

4561: Max learns he is the problem, not Steph, in them having difficulties to conceive.
4562: Stuart tells Allan Steiger he wants to report Olivia for corruption.
4563: Nina supports Jack after he confesses how he has messed his life up.
4564: Will Jack go with Nina to live in America?
4565: Izzy dreams she is drowning as she tries to escape the fact that Karl is married to Susan.

4566: Jack tells Nina he isn’t going to return to America with her.
4567: Jack and Nina agree to go their separate ways for the time being.
4568: Steph leaves to get away from the belief she has that Max doesn’t want to have another baby.
4569: Max asks Lyn and Jack to move out of No.32.
4570: Izzy suffers from stomach pains - is the baby okay?


4571: Is this the end of Max and Steph’s marriage?
4572: Izzy is determined to make her life with Karl work.
4573: Lana kisses Sky.
4574: Sky lies that she is completely comfortable with Lana being gay.
4575: Connor feels guilty as an excited Lou prepares to meet his internet alter ego.

4576: Lana admits to Sky she’s gay - Will it end their friendship?
4577: Sky splits up with Boyd after his behaviour over Lana’s sexuality.
4578: Serena and Luka make plans to sleep together.
4579: Liljana collapses after an argument at the surgery.
4580: Stuart and Sindi give into their attraction for each other and kiss.

4581: Stuart and Sindi avoid giving into temptation again.
4582: Lana comes out publicly as gay - but will she still encounter problems at school?
4583: Boyd punches Travis but Stingray fears it will only lead to more trouble for him.
4584: Max tells Boyd his antics with Travis means he’ll have to call in the police and expresses the disappointment he feels.
4585: Svetlanka tells a stunned Karl that Liljana has another possible kidney donor - a son.

4586: Karl feels torn when Liljana asks who Luka is.
4587: Svetlanka tells a stunned Serena that Luka is her brother.
4588: Sindi tells Toadie she kissed Stuart.
4589: The Hoyland’s kitchen is set on fire deliberately.
4590: Boyd gets into the back of Travis’s truck. As Travis drives off, Summer can only watch from afar.

4591: Will Stuart find Boyd in time before Travis assaults him?
4592: Serena reveals to the Bishop family and Luka that he is her brother.
4593: Will Serena and Luka ever be able to move on from being attracted to each other?
4594: Lyn admits to Susan and Jack she does not want to go to live with Joe at Bendigo.
4595: Lana tells Sky she believes Sky is attracted to her.


4596: Izzy feels secure after the fall into the lake and Karl saving her life.
4597: Karl and Izzy grieve over the loss of the baby. Karl vows to support her.
4598: David feels that Liljana has lied to him about her real feelings she had for Luka’s father.
4599: Susan doubts Karl is coping with the loss of the baby when she smells alcohol on him.
4600: Libby feels she has made a mistake sleeping with Alessandro in a one night stand.

4601: Susan is appalled when Karl’s behaviour has him ready to make the same mistakes he made with her.
4602: Sky kisses Lana.
4603: Lana angry with Sky, challenges Boyd to get to the real reason why she feel out with her.
4604: Sky cries at her relationship break up with Boyd.
4605: Libby leaves to be with Darren - Susan realises she is suddenly all alone.

4606: Steph sees Jack kiss Izzy at the nightclub.
4607: Susan comforts Izzy over her miscarriage.
4608: Liljana feels hurt when Luka tells her he doesn’t want her family to become his.
4609: Stingray’s mother Janelle arrives.
4610: Stingray’s behavioural difficulties have him over reacting to Toadie’s comments about his family and calling Janelle a ‘bludger’.


4611: Will Stingray agree to return home with Janelle to Colac?
4612: Toadie tells Sindi he thinks they should end their relationship.
4613: Connor may have made his chances of getting custody of Maddy worse by threatening Nick.
4614: Luka begs Serena not to tell Liljana about his past arsonist attacks.
4615: Are Boyd and Serena attracted to each other?

4616: Sindi is held hostage in a bank siege - Will Stuart make a move to save her?
4617: Boyd and Serena kiss.
4618: Steph overhears Charlie and Doreen talking about his imminent death.
4619: Karl tells Izzy he wants to marry her.
4620: Connor takes desperate measures and takes Maddy from Lori and Nick.

4621: Stuart and Sindi realise their attraction is very real and they kiss.
4622: Serena and Boyd kiss again. But does Boyd really want to be with her?
4623: Charlie’s day out to his boat ends with him struggling to breath.
4624: Izzy is terrified to learn Darcy is coming out of his coma.
4625: Izzy destroys her medical file to ensure no one can trace back to the truth of who her baby’s father was.

4626: Boyd is furious when Serena’s deception to keep him away from Sky works.
4627: Stuart feels guilty betraying Toadie with Sindi on Christmas day.
4628: Will Susan tell Karl the fact that Izzy has almost admitted she doesn’t really love him.
4629: Izzy drives off - Is she going back to her wedding or leaving Erinsborough?
4630: Paul Robinson joins everyone else as they watch the Lassiters complex burn.